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Parents outraged at PETA for comic containing mutilated cows


Free Spirit
Staff member
WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. -- Parents say they are considering taking PETA to court over an innocent-looking comic handed out to children at Calabash Elementary School in Woodland Hills that contained graphic images of mutilated cows, CBS Los Angeles reports.

Parents outraged after kids given PETA "comic" showing mutilated cows - CBS News
What is wrong with PETA giving a comic like this to a 6 year old kid. I hope the parents do take them to court, they really crossed the line here. If I were a school I would not let PETA on the campus. They have shown they know no boundaries and with their track record I don't know why this school did.

I'm not saying cows are treated great but that's not what this thread is about.

Would it make you mad if PETA gave your child a comic like this?


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I would get mad if anyone from PETA much less talked to my kid

Those people are crazy


Free Spirit
Staff member
I don't know what these people could have been thinking giving a comic like this to a child. They will stoop to any means to get their message across. The messenger is becoming as bad as the message. We don't let children see graphic movies but they think this is okay.

Looks like to me there could be some kind of charges that could be leveled against them. I also can't believe that school let them pass out comics they haven't seen.


my bologna has a 1st name
I actually saw the pamphlet/comic and I didn't find anything horrendous.

I don't have any kids, so my opinion may be null and void.


I would want my kids to know the facts. I would not want my kids to agree with everything, just because they were told so.
The comic, I thought, was actually done with tact. It could have been worse. Understanding that the images are showing cows being treated in a negative way, there is no gore, no blood, no open flesh, no emaciation.
There are only images that a child would relate to. An exaggerated syringe, and a being taken away from family.

I don't see a direct negative impact that a pamphlet like so would cause.

Respectfully IMO


Certified Shitlord
Just another cult attempting the most effective form of brainwashing: going after kids.

But I'd agree with Millz, I'd be terrified to know that one of those psychos was even talking to my kid(s). We're talking a "non-profit" company that saw no problem comparing the conditions on chicken farms to Auschwitz.