Parents Lose Custody of Adolf Hitler

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    A New Jersey couple who named their three children after infamous Nazi's have lost custody of their children after a complaint was filed by a neighbor that the children were being abused mentally and physically by the parents. 3 year old Adolf Hitler, their daughter JoyceLyn Aryan Nation and their youngest Honszlynn Hinler Jeanne were taken by CPS on after a ShopRite had refused to put Adolf Hitler's name on a birthday cake. Here's the complete rundown with a video:

    Parents lose custody of son Adolf Hitler - Weird News -

    Now, here's my two-cents: To the parents, congrats on naming your kids after Nazi's. Those poor kids are gonna get beaten up in school everyday. And second, this is what happens when cousins decide to mate.

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    I heard about this family a long, long time ago.

    To be honest, I'm amazed it's actually taken CFS this long.
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    Actually we have a thread here from a few years ago when that kid was born and named that, or at least shortly after. There was a news story about it.

    Good, hopefully he will get adopted by loving parents who will change his name. :mad:

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