Parents Anniversary


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To simlify (sp?) my family alot, i'm just going to say my parents anniversary is coming up soon.

My sister and I had been talking about paying for a holiday for them in Melbourne for a romantic week away because they need a holiday with just the two of them, and splitting the costs between us. I thought this was a great idea, until my sister decides that she is going to pay for the lot herself (and these are her words following), so she can look like the better daughter.

So now I need ideas of what I can get them for it? I don't need it to match up to my sister's present, but i'm useless at buying presents so any ideas would be appreciated.


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A gift card to their favorite restaurant would be a great anniversary present. Other than that I'm not sure. I never get my parents a present for their anniversary.


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What else is included in the package of the getaway? Fares and hotel? Maybe add some perk they can do while they're there (gift certificate to spa or something). Or treat them for family dinner on the day itself.


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You could get them tickets for a show while they are there.
Maybe treat them to a meal at a high end restaurant.

Your sister saying she wants to like the better daughter is a tad harsh,you could always wait until she has booked everything then arrange for your parents to get upgraded at the hotel.


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One of my son's wrote a poem for me about what he observed in the marriage of my hubby and I. It was so beautiful and heartfelt, it was the best present ever.

I think ysabel's response was a good one. Find out where they will be staying and then add perks. Go online and find a local restaurant with good reviews and maybe give them a gift certificate.

To me though, the gifts from the heart mean the most and they usually cost the least.

I'm sure they'll appreciate anything you do.


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Buy your parents a special gift to commemorate their 20th. After all it is a significant milestone in their marriage.
I don't think that was up for debate. He's already stated he's buying, he needs ideas on what to buy.

I'd go for the tickets to a special event and dinner out while they are on their trip. Another option would be a camera or something like that to take if they don't have one already.


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How about getting a photo frame with two gaps for two photos. One picture of them how they looked when they were married and one picture of them how they look today.
Me and my sister got that as part of a gift for our parents this year and they put their own photos in it. You could even dig the photos out yourself and put them in.