Parental Stupidity or what?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by JAdams, May 19, 2009.

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    This absurdity has been haunting me for...oh...14 years now (I was six when I discovered it).

    Basically, I saw a blind kid (my age) wearing glasses in class one day. It was just an ordinary pair of glasses. It didn't appear to be enhanced, nor was it sunglasses. The kid himself looked obviously blind. His eyes were just white. What little of the pupil/iris (whatever the circular, color things are) was just barely visible.

    Being the naive six-year-old child I was, I asked the kid's teacher if he could see. Her response: "He can't see."

    This hit my brain like a speeder. Who the hell would give a blind kid glasses if it isn't gonna do him any good? Take me, for instance. I'm deaf. I can hear out of only one ear, and not even that good without assistance. Without my hearing aid and you can forget about talking to me.

    Making that kid wear glasses would be equivalent of making me (without my hearing aid) listen for a noise outside my house. It's just plain dumb and stupid!

    Now, I can understand if the kid wore sunglasses instead. Maybe the light hurts his eyes or he doesn't want people getting scared/staring at it.

    ...But he was wearing normal glasses that one would buy from a store.

    I didn't post this in "Parents who don't know better", because this is a case of they should have figured it out the moment he was born. Why would they do this? What purpose would it serve?

    Sorry for the long rant, but basically I want to know this: How can parents be this dumb sometimes?

  2. ysabel

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    What kind of class is it? I thought blind children are often put in separate classes. I'm sure the parents didn't do that for fashion's sake but it's sort of late now to ask them why and give them the benefit to explain it (assuming you got a good recollection of the event).

    Anyway to answer the question how parents can be dumb sometimes, it's probably the same reason why anyone has their dumb moments. In addition, being smart was never a prerequisite for making babies. Maybe it should? :lol:
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    You should not let such nugatory event make you so judgemental of others. I dont think it is fitting for you to call the parents dumb when you do not know the whole story. You are relying on a select piece of unreliable evidence.

    Perhaps the kid could see marginly, perhaps he needed the glasses to help his eyes develop. You just dont know the circumstances to why he was wearing glasses. Maybe it was even so he could have a glimmer of normality in his life.
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    I went to a school for the deaf and blind, but we were seperated. The deaf were in one side of the building and the blind on the other.

    @ Bananas= You are correct. It is wrong for me to label them stupid when I don't know the whole story. It's just that if the kid is obviously blind, then what good would glasses do? It was just...weird.

    I did consider that maybe he just found someone else's glasses that day and felt like goofing around and put them on, but I saw him a few years later with the same pair.

    But you're right. Don't draw any conclusions until you had the full story (I never asked the kid why b/c I thought it would've been rude).

    EDIT: lol...This is my "dumb moment", I think. It took me 14 years to figure this out? XD What is wrong with me? XD
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    Its alright, sometimes you just need to see it from a different angle. On that point I feel you should of asked him about the glasses. You may think it rude, he most probably would of been desperate for somebody to talk to him. But then when your 6yrs old you dont really think that way and you rely on your own perceptions, it took me a long time to work that one out myself(ask any girl I fancied!).

    Plus if you asked him you'd have the answer to your question.
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