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PlayStation 1 PaRappa the Rapper


Registered Member
Ok. I owned this game at one time. And, I liked it! I thought the onion guy was so cool and the raps were quite catchy. I actually totally forgot about this game until I saw a screen shot on G4. I do have some good memories having a few drinks with friends and playing this one.

Anyone else remember this one?


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PaRappa was fun, but Um Jammer Lammy was much better.

Um Jammer Lammy was just like PaRappa but instead of spiting out lyrics, you played tunes on a guitar. and if you were jamming really well, you'd get to that special ranking and would be able freestyle a solo.

but my fav series from these button timing music games would have to be Bust-A-Groove [ Bust-A-Move was the japanese version ]. the game is very rare now, but it's so much fun, and some of the songs were pretty cool.


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I haven't played Um Jammer Lammy, but I heard it was pretty good. I always seem to like the more music oriented games.

The only problem with those games is that you have the tunes stuck in your head for days after.


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I've always wanted to play PaRappa the Rapper. I saw a demo a long time ago, which I never actually got to play, and have wanted it since. I have been able to rent the sequel, though, but I still have yet to play the original.