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This is one thing confusing to me and I will go into detail why with an "experience" I had I will share. I would like to see what you feel about the "Paranormal", or maybe evaluate personal experiences others may post or even your own.

I have never believed in the paranormal, ghost or spirits whatever you may call it. I used to watch the show "Ghost Hunters" and always thought some footage they would reveal was pretty amazing, until they blatantly faked the live special show they had a year or so ago. (it was badly faked and I can provide a youtube link if anyone is interested.) After this, I have never watched it again. I was never convinced what I have ever seen was a real Ghost etc, just intrigued by what I would see.

Now for my personal "experience". I will try to make as short as possible.

2 years ago I was asked to watch my 2 younger cousins ages 6 (Aleksandra) and 8 (Anton). After playing a game, it was dark outside, I started to make a movie ready to watch (Toy Story2 I think?). Aleksandra asked if she may see if her friend could come to watch. I say yes, thinking I would need to call to her friends home to see.

I turned from putting disk in DVD player and she was not there and I looked to Anton who said she went to her room to ask Anu. I walk down the hall to her room and hear her saying in tiny voice "She wont hurt you, it is okay to come see this", I thought then she was speaking to stuffed animals lol. But I ask if I should call her friends home and she says her friend does not want to see this movie. Like before I thought she as speaking of her stuffed animals and thought how cute this was.

We watch the movie and is now maybe close to 10 pm and time for me to put them to bed. They wanted me to read bed time story so I did in Anton's room and both fell to sleep. I carried Aleksandra to her room and put her in her bed, went into living room and watch TV for maybe 15 minute and thought I heard a noise from one of their rooms. I walk to Anton's room first, look inside and he is asleep. Then I walk only few feet more to Aleksandra's room and notice her door is part way closed? Still I think maybe was breeze from when I walk out maybe? THEN it happened. Just as I am about to push the door open to look in I hear a very faint voice from inside saying something I could not understand, like a whisper. So I quietly look in the partly closed door and see what I can only say was shadow pass on the opposite wall from Aleksandra's bed.

Still I think this is only her and I open the door and say "you are supposed to be asleep" as I walk in and see her sound asleep in her bed... I can not explain what just happened. But when my aunt and uncle return I ask of this Anu, and they say to me this is Aleksandra's imaginary friend who lives in her room, I laugh but say what I hear and see and my aunt says to me she also has strange things like this as well happen a few times...:-o I have been there many times since and nothing more ever happened, and the last time Aleksandra talked of Anu, she said she moved away maybe a year ago.

I know it sounds crazy and it defies everything I believe, even today. But I can not deny what happened either and how real it all was to me. I have told this to a counselor and was told it was most likely these thing were placed into my mind during the day and night and what seemed real was in fact my mind playing tricks on me. I think this is very possible, but it makes me understand how people can make claims of Ghosts etc.
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Maybe it is a ghost.

I'd be careful for who you talk to about this stuff. they throw people in mental hospitals for that shit. Believe you me. I personally felt I experienced a poltergeist in Weird, NJ. Got thrown in the mental hospital. maybe it's subjective. Just because someone else can't see it or hear it, doesn't mean it' may not be existing. I sure did hear a lot of strange noises and freaky shit. Not too evolved, the world, when it comes to things that are yet unexplained. I think it could have something to do with the mulidimensional reality of nature.

I hope you're not freaked out and don't want to babysit anymore, though, honestly, when you start thinking about people getting possessed. It's supposedly happenned before more than once. I wonder if a Catholic Church would send an exorcist. Still, it's just freaky and nothing more, like watching a scary movie. So, cool, you saw a ghost. I've seen some before too.

Want to hear a story? I saw a ghost once. i was swimming in my friends pool, and saw an old woman looking out of the third floor window of his parent's house. It was an old Massachussetts Victorian. So I asked my friend if it was his grandmother. He told me the third floor was locked up and about how they found evidence that their house used to be one of safe houses for the underground railroad, and some Quakers that lived there would probably stand lookout at that window waiting for runaway slaves to shelter and hide. So, that's what I think, it must have been an old Quaker woman's ghost still looking out the window.

I read a book that says ghosts are really just astral imprints of people that remain in the ethers. The author says strong emotions or feelings can cause them. Your case sounds different though. I'd beware of evil spirits!! Just kidding. Freaky though. Maybe burn some frankincense or myrhh. Myrhh supposedly banishes evil spirits and frankincense purifies the air so angels feel more at ease in the atmosphere. Nice, huh?


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I believe in ghosts. My older brother was a fraternal twin, and his twin died a few hours after she was born. When I was little, I have many memories of Josh "talking to himself" or playing games all alone. My mom never mentioned his twin until after she took him to a shrink to see if he was ok. When mom would ask Josh who he was playing with, he'd say that he was playing with his sister. Having only a brother, and not actually playing with me, mom thought he was going crazy or something and that's why she took him to a shrink.

It wasn't until she asked him what his sisters name was and he actually said her name did she realize that he was more than likely communicating with his deceased twin and she stopped taking him to the shrink.

I'm a very spiritual person and I believe that I've lived in multiple haunted houses. There were things that were completely beyond any logical explination that would happen, that you really only can chalk up to being ghosts. I've felt their presence, I've heard them moving around, I've seen them out of the corner of my eyes.

I honestly don't understand why people are so afraid to admit, even to their self that ghosts can exist. Why they exist or linger around is a completely different story, but to deny things that you've wittnessed and say that it was just your mind playing tricks on you is just foolish in my opinion. It's easy for me to believe in ghosts because it makes sense with my religious beliefs, but I have to question why people deny ghosts so adamantly.


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I believe in ghosts. I don't think it is something you can believe in unless you have truly had an experience with the paranormal. I have so many stories of things that were seen, heard, and general experiences that happened in my old home that cannot be explained any other way. It was one of those places that gave you chills and you felt on edge at every second. I haven't had an experience since moving out of that house, which convinces me even more that I'm not just seeing things or making things up or I would be doing it different places at well.

My most recent one was not at my house though, it was at my ex's grandmother's house. We had to sleep on the couches in the family room when we would stay there and I saw someone walk in the living room connected to the family room and peer in and then walk away. So I told him that his Grandfather had just walked in and looked at us and he informed me that his grandfather was out of town.. So that sent chills up my spine, but that was nowhere near as scary as what I experienced in my childhood home.


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I don't think I believe in ghost. I mean, don't get me wrong because I'm not disputing their existance. I feel that I can't believe in anything unless I see it, you know? I don't believe in things I can't see. I'd probably have a different opinion if something 'paranormal' would have happened to me, but it hasn't.


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The spirit realm exists and is not necessarily made up of people that have died. There was a similar thread concerning imaginary friends but they seem to target children only. Perhaps children see the spirits and have not been exposed to the belief that they do not exist.
True what pedals said. You can get locked up for having experiences of ghosts but only if you are an adult. I often wonder why children are not given the same treatment? Because they do not know better??
Why do people have such a hard time accepting the spirit realm?
Most do not see them and those who do are scared stupid. Strange thing though, why fear accompanies 'ghosts'.