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I know it's kind of long but please bear with me.

Do you guys believe in the paranormal? I'm going to go over a couple instances where I thought the events that happened were genuinely paranormal. When I was little we used to hear footsteps in my upstairs where my room was. My mom would always go up to check it out and there was never anyone up there. They would walk slowly from one end of the room to the other. I've probably heard them over 100 times since I was little. Another thing that used to happen was I would hear two knocks. Something would knock twice fast on my kitchen door and when I went to look nothing would be there. I started to think it was paranormal when it would knock on the floor or the ceiling, or a wall right in front of me. I also used to have really bad dreams about an old lady that haunted my upstairs. In my dream she would always be standing at the top of the stairs looking down at me.

I moved away from my home last year to attend college. Last May I went up there for my sister's graduation. We were bored on night so we decided to try a ouija board in my upstairs. I never really believed in ouija boards even though I believed in spirits. To my suprise after a few minutes of random questioning it started to move. It was quickly whipping around the board spelling out some strange things. It told my friend to go in the closet because it wanted to show him something. He went in for a minute, got freaked out, and when he was leaving I heard those same two knocks on the wall. We continued talking to the ouija board to a different spirit that said she lived here in 1934 and died at age 83. She told us she was a good spirit and was eager to answer all of our questions, even cracking a joke or two. When I asked where she was standing in the room she said at the top of the stairs where I always imagined the old lady in my dreams.

After a long night of very strange experiences with the ouija board we decided to go to sleep. My friend needed a ride home so I told him I had to go to the bathroom then i'd take him. When I got out of the bathroom he was staring out the kitchen door and looked extremely frightened. I asked him what happened and he said someone knocked on the door but no one was there. When I asked him what it was like he knocked twice, the same knock I heard upstairs the same night, the same knock i've heard many many times in that house.

Sorry it's so long but if you read it you realise why. I still have my doubts about the paranormal but I can't explain the things that happened to me as a child, and I can't explain how they all made sense with that ouija board session.

Do you guys believe in the paranormal? Feel free to share any experiences you've had with the paranormal, i'd love to hear!


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In general, I am very rational and don't believe in anything that can't be proven. I'd usually rather look for the rational answer, rather questioning people's fallible minds, than believing something supernatural, as you describe -- i know our memories are very unreliable, and our mind may play tricks on us, some times.

But there is one thing that bothers me: I keep having recurrent dreams about a war, most likely in a close future. I have them ever since 1995, maybe between 40 or 50 dreams since then, always revealing more details about the very same scenario and war, about a Russian attack on Western Europe, followed by a huge disaster, maybe a nuclear winter, or maybe some natural disaster. I still keep myself calm by claiming it's just a dream, and normal, since it's a projection of unconscious fears. And it's normal it would take this shape, considering I've been very interested in history ever since, and I've read and seen much about Cold War and WW2. Yet a small part in me believes there is more to it, and it *may* be the future. At any rate, I was shocked how much the world situation seems to have approached this scenario since 1995, like 9/11 and Iraq and now Georgia.

But fine, this may be just dreams. There is one experience, though, I really cannot explain or rationalize: When I was on holidays with a friend, we were just 14, I had just bought a deck of fortune telling "Tarot" cards. We had nothing to do and were bored, so we decided to open that deck (for the first time, it had been sealed before) and play a card game with it. I don't know the English name of the game, it's a very simple, mostly luck-based game called "Mau Mau" in German (similar to UNO played with UNO cards).

So we played ... and out of 25 games, I won every single one of them! That's totally impossible, statistically. The chance is higher to win 6 right numbers in lottery. It's less than one to a billion. Still I won every single one of these games, until my friend was so demotivated he refused to continue playing.

When we played again a few days later, the ratio was normal. About even. Up to this day, I cannot explain how this was possible.


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One night I was alseep and my dog started to bark. He was barking cause my brother came home late one night. When I woke up when my dog barked, I saw a dark figure kneeling in the middle of my room. I was soo scared that I actually thought that someone had broken into the house.

Another experience I had was a shadow moving away on the door one morning. The sun was not out at all. It was like the shadow was watching over me which was pretty cool.

We also have this one door upstairs which leads to the attic and once in awhile, I would find it open.

I had a dream one night about my friend and I dreamt that she died in a car accident. I woke up the next morning and I told her to be careful when she's in a car and to always buckle up. Later in 2007, she died in a car accident.
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See with me it's always sounds. Hear footsteps upstairs, hear knocks around the house.

One scary experience that I remember is one night me and my friend got super trashed and went on this long bike ride. When we got back to my house we both passed out in my upstairs. I found out the next day that he couldn't sleep up there because he kept hearing voices talk. He said there were two or three and they kept talking and he got freaked out and went downstairs.

Some people argue that everything paranormal is your subconscious in some way but i'm not sure if i buy that. If a subconscious can create sounds and visuals, then how hard is it to believe there may be life after death?


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I think that those that are of the Paranormal are like spies of the After life. They have to remain hidden because they know the secrets of the cosmos and they cannot let anyone have it, so they only choose to revel through certain ways. I never had an experience like that but I do believe in spirits, and if you watch any of those discovery shows or what not, and there's corroborating stories between people, like someone who goes on a boat see a woman whom tell her her name but is not on the list and there will be another person that saw the something. It's just can't be a coincidence.


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I am weird.. because I am generally very rational and scientific and won't believe in things that cannot be proven, but I absolutely 100% believe in the paranormal.. Anyone who visited my old house knew something was not right about it..

When I was younger every night I would lie in bed around 10:30 of 11 and I would see people walk past my room and they were friendly so I wasn't really scared, but still quite a bit. It was funny because years later my family and I were talking about all of the weird things that would happen in that house and my brother finally told us that every night his floor boards would creak even if he wasn't doing anything around 11 and he would immediately jump in bed and go to sleep because it just did not feel right.

This whole half of our house was just terrifying.. No one liked to be in it.. and there was this set of stairs on that side that you just felt like you had to run up them if you wanted to go up them and if felt like something was rushing you up them.. Our washer and dryer were both on that side of the house and only when my mom would do laundry not any of us. She would put clothes in and turn around to walk away and there would be this loud slam as if someone took their fist and just pounded the machine and it would stop...

There are so many stories about that house I could tell you it just gives me chills just thinking about the place.