Paranoid about data recovery?


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We've all seen the reports - if you're not careful with your drives, sensitive data on it can be recovered by thieves when its chucked out. Hammers, explosives, etc won't do it. So what do you do?

Well how about slagging it?

A couple of people have figured that by melting down the aluminium contained within the drive platters, it would (a) convert it from a readable disk into any shape you pour the molten aluminium into, and (b) nullify the magnetic properties of the metal.

All you need is a furnace designed to melt down aluminium and other metals!


Oh, poppycock.
My gym teacher was asking our class about a way to make it so she could safely get rid of her computer. :] Thanks, Ill let her know about this. It might be hard, but its still something.
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Personally, I use a program called Darik's Boot & Nuke, aka DBAN. It uses secure methods of completely wiping a drive, is partially funded and supported by the electronics and e-waste recycling company GEEP, and also has a commercially supported version known as EBAn currently availabe to all federal agencies.
I've always done a couple of low level, zero fill formats then smashed the drive to pieces. It's not pretty but only the most determined computer voyeur would continue persuing it afterwards and they'd be thoroughly disappointed with their loot.

Besides appearing ruthlessly effective, the slag method does look an awful lot more fun though. :)


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Yea, if you're that concerned about it, just do something like the olympic torch hoax back from 2005. Write zeros to the boot sector. Either that or just take the hard drive with you when you get a new computer.