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Parade and a Hospital


Registered Member
My family and I went to one of the local parades today. It was short, but my son made out like a bandit with the candy.

Well, the local hospital was giving out little beach balls (about 5 inches high) along with boxes of Beeches gum, little hard candies, and a little thing of bubbles (like what you see for weddings). All of the things had their name on it.

Now, I've looked at promotional items before, and they aren't real cheap. I guess with rising health care costs, I do not see a need to give out such extravagant items at a parade. They do it a lot. I guess I just don't understand. Yes, advertising is good, but everyone living here knows they are just down the street.

I dunno.

The local child development board always gives out items as well, but it is a toothbrush (I have a year's supply after summer parades) and sometimes an at-home fingerprinting kit for your child. Those things I can understand giving out - and I appreciate those.

Am I just being crabby today?


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Not all of the time, but some of the time, hospitals get things donated to them from medicinal companies. They also have some write offs for things they use to advertise. Around here we all know the three hospitals yet there is one that pays for all sorts of billboards around town to help you feel 'comforted' (whatever not alot of people go there). In some cases when a business has a budget and they do not use the money that they have, it gets taken away by legistlature. Not fun to have the money not available just because they didnt spend it ya know? Im sure they got a huge bulk discount too ;)


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Good point Iggy.

I guess if they have it in their advertising budget and need to spend it, I think it would be nice to see more useful items. The other hospital 15 miles away gave out little magnet band-aid holders that you stick on the fridge at a different parade last year. I thought that item was useful and fitting for a hospital to give out.

Yeah...I think I'm just being a bit picky. :)