Papoose is one of the best rappers I have ever heard. I think Papoose is gonna be the next big rapper. My favorite rap of his is Alphabetical Slaughter. If you haven't heard of Papoose, download his songs or something because this guy can tear the Mic up.


+1 karma for you, because Papoose is the man...Even more people are starting to recognize him now that he's on the Touch It remix with Busta...where he completely MURDERS it =*(. Papoose ftw.


Thanks for the karma point. Yeah Papoose is getting reconized by a lot of people these days. And the touch it remix is sick with Papoose in it.
Ive been peepin this dude for over a year now... i first heard him i was like ok...that is fuckin potential, money in the bag right there. Abc slaughter is nice, i also like stutterin, body bluffin, ova throw da kingdom, versatility, hold it down, hear my footsteps, what the fuck is a papoose, guerrilla mansion ft. canibus
Maintaining is my favorite right now.
+ karma - I was going to make a papoose thread, but I never got around to it. I currently own every pap mixtape (i'm his no.1 fan.) I even got an avi I'm trying to set up.

Potential doesn't sum this guy up. He's probably one of the best rappers ever, having taken creativity to a whole new level. His work is like a gimick, only it sells it's self. He reminds me of Big L for some reason.
I just heard a rumor papoose signed to flipmode squad. It was all over hot97 today.
It looks like a smart move. One of the advantages to joining flipmode is busta' said several times, he'd rather avoid radio beef. Like it or not, any rappers biggest threat right now is 50cent (he's been a really influencial artist in the rap game. If you dont believe me I'll give examples). Becoming part of flipmode puts him on good terms w/ G-unit/Aftermath, and keeps him out of trouble w/ murder INC. Can't say the same for DIpset, who was rumored to have offered pap a large sum along with his contract.


I haven't heard anything about Papoose before the Touch It Remix. He sounds good though. I might check him out when I get the opportunity.


Yep, Papoose is ill. Flashback is my song right now, it takes me back like few things can.


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I like him aswell he has a lot of potential I believe and he might be big, but also in the other hand he can go down the drain like a lot of the good rappers that came out with a bang but you dont here anything from them.


def. my favorite up and coming rapper. i think him, saigon, immortal technique and jae millz need to make it big.