Paparazzi Ethics


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So here's the deal, do you think that the job the paparazzi does is justified by the needs and wants of the American public and media? Can we honestly say that just because these people are famous, that they have given up their rights to privacy? Is it really that much of a big deal when a celebrity attacks a nosey photographer?

Personally, I'd hate to be a celebrity. People are so shallow that they need to hear about all the celebrities and what they're doing. Also, I hate how the media goes nuts when somebody punches a cameraman or reporter who's gone too far. I mean, sometimes, they go way too far.



For a Free Scotland
Well there's the paparazzi that just takes photos as normal, and then there's illegal, trespassing paparazzi.

I don't think either is honorable, but if it can do it.

Interesting how they've made a consumer market for something that normal people would hate being subjected to.


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I would just hate it. I'd have to watch what I wore, where I walked, who I spoke to, what I ate, and where I'm going just to avoid these bastards. Even then, you'd still get ambushed by them.


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I think paparazzi are the dumbest people in the world. It is their so called job to intrude celebrity's lives in order to let us know how they live day-to-day and make a profit off of it. I mean, yeah it's ok to take pictures at like award ceremony or a public appearance but like taking pictures and disrespecting people's privacy when they are at home is just crossing the line. And I hate when the paparazzi say that it's not their fault they are doing this, that it's just their job. Yes, it is their fault because they choose to do this job, and when choosing to do this job they knew that they are going to have to piss people off and do whatever it takes to get the "great shot" even if they have to cross that line and take it to the next level.
I agree... it really seems like something that should be illegal... people have become famous and suddenly they're fair game for things that no ordinary human would ever tollerate. Some pictures are to be expected, but going to great lengths to capture scenes of people's personal lives is just uncalled for... or rather, it's called for rather strongly for some reason, but it's still unethical.


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Most of the paparazzis are scumbags and bottom feeders. They are the people who give real journalists a bad name.

Although I have noticed depending on the paparazzi that many celeberties show off for the cameras and in a way, "give them what they want."

Obvious examples include the Hilton sisters, various popstars including Spears and so on. It seems to me
that certain celeberties enjoy that kind of publicity even it seems like it would hurt their reputation.

Getting a bit more off topic for a moment, it's similar with other celeberties who "like to start fires" like say Ann Coulter or Michael Moore. They provoke people and try to start fires and try to get publicity, even if it's bad publicity.

I'm not saying what the paparazzi does is an honest or ethical job. I'm just saying that the celeberties benefit from the paparazzi's work even when you may not think they do.


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Paparazzi to a certain extent is fine, but not the ones that jump out of bushes once a celebrity comes out of a restaurant. Celebrities get paid millions a year. I think they sort of deserve some paparazzi. :D


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Well, people are entirely within their own right to photograph celebrities, but often they engage in illegal activities (trespassing, endangering the public, etc.). Paparazzi is not ethical, but I only really have issues with the ones that break laws as well.


I hardly feel sorry for celebrities, they know it comes with the job and I get sick of them bitching about it...Those Paparazzi keep their names in the papers.
You don't feel sorry for them? There's whole ranges of things that other people could do easily without a problem, that they are pretty much unable to do without being caught on camera...

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I don't know if that's how I'd want my name in the papers...