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Movies Pan's Labyrinth


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Who has seen this? Did you like it? I just watched it tonight and thought it was pretty awesome. Very different and not like anything I've ever seen. I was trying to compare it to another movie and the closest thing I could think of was maybe a dark Chronicles of Narnia. Even that doesn't really work though. Kind of had Alice on Wonderland qualities as well. It's pretty unique really. It's definitely not one for younger kids though.

Anyway, who has seen it? Here's the official trailer for those who haven't seen it:

YouTube - Pan's Labyrinth (El laberinto del fauno) (2006) Movie Trailer

The reason you don't hear speaking in the trailer is because it's in Spanish. I watched it with English subtitles.

So, those who've seen it, what did you think?

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I saw it a while back. It was pretty good, overall. I watched it in Spanish with subtitles. At first I kinda thought it was a little kids film, but obviously, things like the bit where

the dude crushes the guys face with bottle (with effing gruesome detail :stare:), who then turns out to be innocent

disprove that. :lol: Also, the bit where

the fairy gets eaten by the blind monster thing

was like, zOMG :stare: I wasn't expecting that in the least. But it was a dark film (plus points) and it was a fantasy film (plus points), and the cgi was believable but not OTT, so, overall I give it about an 8/10. :thumbup:


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I Love that film!
It really is quite dark and somewhat strange.
I'm always impressed with how they've done the Fauns' legs.
OH MY GOD!!! Just remembered about the mandrake, EEK! :shocked:
Is it odd that I felt sorry for it?


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I've seen this film. I watched it a couple of months ago and just kinda stumbled upon when I was flicking through the channels.

I liked it after I got into it, but in the first 15 minutes of watching it I did think it was pretty weird. I watched it with English Subs and Spanish audio.
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I watched it a quite a long time ago. A friend told me to see it and it was really not what I was expecting at all, but I thought it was pretty good, yeah.


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One of my 'strange' friends recommended it to me. I thought it was a little kids movie, and always skipped over it when picking movies to watch. When I finally got round to watching it, I was pleasantly suprised, and really enjoyed it.


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I haven't seen it, I could have but decided not to.

Watching the trailer reminds me of El Orfonado or "The Orphanage" they seem to be very similar movies, they're both even in Spanish.

Watching movies with subtitles just annoys me so I kind of try to avoid movies with subtitles.


I went to see this in theaters with my uncle. He said it was going to be great, I tagged along hoping he was right. Well, he was and I thought this movie was really entertaining. Defintely a dark fairy tale. Ha.


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This is one of my favorite foreign movies, it was brilliantly done and the acting was just as awesome as the story line. When I first saw it, I didn't think it was going to be in Spanish, but after watching it I was moved by everything that happened, it was happy and sad all wrapped up into one batch.



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I've seen this movie a few times. I love the costuming and the backgrounds.
You don't need to speak spanish to understand this movie.

I love how they didn't use all that much (CGI) and stick to real props and costumes. I have this one in my collection and would recommend watching this movie if you haven't seen it.