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Pancake Day


Well-Known Member
Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, is supposedly the day you use up all the 'bad' things you're meant to give up for lent. Now, I don't acknowledge lent, but I sure as hell do pancake day, and i'll be having pancakes for dinner. Anyone else?


rainbow 11!
Damn it! My cheat day was yesterday. I totally would have had pancakes. Normally I would, but considering I'm trying to lose weight that would be a bad idea!

But that is really cool. Though I don't acknowledge lent, I sure as would with pancake day, as you said.


Supreme System Lord
That's right, yes Mum will be making us all pancakes for dinner.

We've got the lemon juice and strawberry jam at the ready!


yellow 4!
I don't give up anything for lent OR eat pancakes on pancake day. Rebel! :O

Used to though, when my Grandma lived with us back home. She'd make pancakes and we'd have lemon and sugar with them. When she moved into her own flat, my brother and I weren't bothered enough about pancakes to bug my mum to make them for us, so it stopped being a tradition.

So yeah, I'm not overly fussed about them. If I felt like pancakes I'd just make them on any random day of the year...


Babeasaurus Sex
I'm with Bex on the eating pancakes as and when I feel like them :p

Tonight we're having our traditional Pancake feast. For tea we will have savoury pancakes with veggie sausages and cheese and then for pudding we'll have our sweet ones <3



4 legs good 2 legs bad
We're having pancakes for dinner tonight. I look forward to this day every year.


Lion Rampant
All this pancake patter has worn me down. It's off to iHOP I go. They're giving away free buttermilk short stacks for the occasion.

@ Kee: What does "for pudding" mean? Do you people not even say "dessert?" :lol:


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I've pretty much only called today Fat Tuesday and never pancake day so no, never eaten pancakes today.


Sally Twit
Sigh. If I still lived with my parents you can bet my dad would have made me some pancakes. A sprinkle of sugar, a squeeze of orange and Bob's your uncle!

My boyfriend and I don't bother.
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