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Palin: Repub started Bristol preggo rumor


Lion Rampant
Here's a little niblet I found interesting:

Seattle Post-Intelligencer said:
After Sarah Palin revealed she was pregnant with son Trig in March 2008, her office quickly zeroed in on then-state Senate president Lyda Green as the source of rumors that Bristol Palin was actually carrying the baby, according to emails released Friday.

Top lawmaker blamed for Trig rumors - seattlepi.com

For me this is ironically reminiscent of the birth of birtherism in a wingnut wing of the Democratic Clinton machine. Your thoughts? Anyone here surprised at Sarah's belief that the rumor wasn't started by liberals?
Not one word, huh?

Come on, there's more fun to be gleaned here. I urge conservatives to join in sifting through the Sarah Palin email winbox.

And do you know who (all of a sudden) thinks that's a great idea? Sarah Palin!

SarahPAC - Sarah Palin's Official PAC
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Son of Liberty
I agree with you in that this is reminiscent of the birth of the birther movement started by Clinton and Clinton starting the whole Rev. Wright thing. This doesn't surprise me if true, there will always be factions of parties wanting to seize control and destroy those in other factions. Both sides are guilty of doing these kinds of things.


Son of Liberty
But I never made either of those false assertions.
I apologize then, I misread your OP. The Clinton's did start the whole Rev. Wright thing and did to some extent start the whole birther thing during the Democratic primaries, which this reminds me of.