Palestine history

Geography of Palestine

Palestine, currently under occupation, is located on the East coast of the Miditerannean Sea, West of Jordan and to the south of Lebanon. The territory of Palestine covers around 10,435 square miles (almost same size as the state of Vermont in the USA - that is, pretty small.) [1]
Out of this territory, there are 10,163 square miles of land area. The rest is water: half of the area of the Dead Sea (al-BaHr al-Mayyit), Huleh Lake (BuHayrat al-Huuleh) which was dried by the occupation and Tiberias Lake (BuHayrat Tabariyyah) which is also known as the Sea of Galilee (BaHr al-jaliil

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: Chronology of Palestinian History
Following is a compiled chronology of Palestinian history from early stages till the beginning of the current occupation. This chronology (up to 1949) is summarized from the well-known reference All That Remains (ed. Walid Khalidi). The historical events beyond 1949 are taken from the PASSIA diary (year 2000 issue).
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I. B.C.
600,000 - 10,000
Paleolithic and Mesolithic period. Earliest human remains in the area (found south of the Lake of Tabariyya), date back to ca. 600,000 BC.
10,000 - 5,000
Neolithic period. Establishment of settled agricultural communities.
5,000 - 3,000
Chalcolithic period. Copper and stone tools and artifacts from this period found near Jericho, Bi'r As-Sabi' and the Dead Sea.
3,000 - 2,000
Early Bronze Age.Arrival and settlement of the Canaanites (3,000 - 2,500 BC)
ca. 1,250
Israelite conquest of Canaan.
965 - 928
King Solomon (Sulayman), construction of the temple in Jerusalem.
Palestine-Net: A Brief History of Palestine
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