Xbox 360 :? PAL mod 360? :?

My roommate just got a 360, and wanted to know about playing cracked games...getting them from torrents..whatnot.
what would we need to do to the stock 360? Would 'mod'ing it make it so we didn't have 'live'? Is there any gameplay/Core consequences to moding? :confused:


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As far as I know, you're going to need a modchip. I don't know how they work, or exactly how you install them (I do know soldering is required), and I don't know what ones are the best ones, so don't ask me questions that involve knowledge of those.

Unless they've sorted that problem out, installing one on the 360 will mean you will not be able to use LIVE. They're usually considered illegal (depending on which country you live in), and as such, Microsoft and the other companies try to make them as unusable as possible.

I can't comment on gameplay issues or core consequences, you'd need to do more research into that.

I would also like to note that I think installing a modchip will enable you to play imported games. Big reason to have a second console right there.


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I just want to say that you can show where to get these things from, but we are in NO WAY affiliated with ANY links that are posted, files that are downloaded from servers that aren't ours, and in no way support software piracy.

But, you need a modchip and a way to get the games.


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You can also flash your 360, much quicker and easier than a modchip, just google how to mod 360 and they direct you to a website dedicated to it.
You can go on XBL with a modded 360 and download games and burn them as back ups. The only consequences is that you get banned from XBL if you get caught and that rarely happens, the only way is if you play a game before it release date, like some idiots who went Live with GTAIV a week before its release.:lick:
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