Pakistan Legalizes Sharia/Islamic Law


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Islamic law has been legalized in the northwest region of Pakistan.

The Associated Press: US critical of Pakistan Islamic law deal in Swat

Already since this happened, a guy and girl who were not arranged to be married snuck away and got married. Well, that's illegal under Islamic Law and they were executed.

Islamic Law is trying to creep into all areas of the world. There are already several parts of Europe that are allowing it. England has even begun to judge Islamic criminal cases differently than normal cases.

National Secular Society - Sharia law ? Government remains indifferent

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In the scenic Swat Valley, 18 months of bloodshed prompted the provincial government in February to agree to impose Islamic law there and in surrounding areas to achieve peace. The Taliban agreed to a cease-fire. After weeks of foot-dragging, Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari approved the regulation late Monday only after Parliament voted unanimously to adopt a resolution urging him to sign it.
They got what they wanted, though. Will there be peace now? Somehow I doubt it very much. Swat Valley has now become a dictatorial region where you cannot do anything that goes against the Islamic law.
The blood shed mentioned in the quote will occur again in another region soon enough, is my guess..


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An excellent example of how misguided the war in Afghanistan was until recently. We attacked and flushed out the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and it didn't mean a damn thing because they just hung out in Pakistan. Sure we gave them military funding, but Pakistan has to deal with the huge military of India along a massive border, plus China, plus Kashmir, plus their own homegrown insurgency. Thus the Islamists are back in force and Pakistan really doesn't have a response. Hopefully the humanitarian and social aid Obama's giving them will help turn the tide- if tribal populations don't have to rely on the Taliban for necessities, they'll loose their popular foothold.
Ok, then. So what haven't we tried... Oh, yes.. What about driving out tyranny and oppression with an army of superior force in arms?


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Its shocking and creepy how Islamic's Law influence is spreading around the world. If you steal, your hand will be chopped off. If you speak of heresy and blasphemy, you will be stoned. I have heard of a law which says that in order for an ummarried couple to be punished for sex before marriage, 4 adult and sane people have to be watching the act being done and all the details must be seen. Now... that's a bit creepy if you ask me.
#9 No, I mean us, through our duly elected nationals, via NATO. Obviously, the US has had a head- start with all the warlords, and the freedom loving citizens of Pana.. Cub.. Ira.. Kuw.. sorry.. Afghanistan. But "we" is pretty much what tried to extract extremism by force, on this one.. I suppose some of us favoured a solution that didn't involve "crushing the Taliban strongholds in the South" before trying to build some sort of authority for the government. But we were too weak, unfortunately, and ultimately stood behind trying to eradicate extremism by force.

Really, history can be so dull.