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Who plays? I do, I used to play every weekend but I kinda fell out of that cycle. I miss it.
Ive played once or twice. Im not that good, but I apparently get lucky allot.

Funny story. My friends and I were playing and 3 of our guns stopped working. We threw the balls the rest of the match. fun shit.


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Ha, this one game I was planning on just bringing a pod and throwing balls at people because my guns were all dead, they hate me. Well long story short, their whole team decided to just run down the whole field, and I got bunkered from like a foot away and got a nice welt on my neck. :p
That sucks. Im so glad ive never been hit hard enough to get a bruise or anything. Does it hurt as much as people say it does?

Maybe im just a behemoth of a man.


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Not really. It hurts the first couple times that you play, and that's all that you're thinking about so it is horrible. Now when I play I feel it for like a second, then forget about it and walk off of the field. Nice conversation piece with girls. :)


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I'm looking to try paintball out, as well as airsofting. Both look fun, but I guess my thoughts about them could change when I actually play.