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Paintball on Metal/Fiberglass


Sssssuper Platinum ******
Some little tard paintball my car while it was in the parking lot at the mechanic. Look like its pink or red. Got any ideas to get it out? :mad:


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Staff member
Well if it happened at the mechanic you can technically tell them it's their fault for not securing their lot more than they did. Try to make them pay for it.

As for getting it out I'm not sure...


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No dents. It looks like they shot from a distance because a few hadn't pop and were under the car. Sill me threw it away when I could have gave it to the cops for prints.

I took it to the wash and it came off the glass and body but its still on the side mirror. Seems it bonds to plastic. I am think to use some 409 or similar but not sure yet if that will make it worse so I'll wait for some hints from here.


New Member
Wow, how bizarre. The same thing happened to me recently, driving my elderly parents back from the doc. They were hidden on the side of the road and wham wham wham! Luckily, most of it was on the windshield and it was BRIGHT pink.


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That is terrible. You could have had an accident.

Does anyone know if you need a permit or be a certain age to get one? :-/


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Locally, we had a kid who was out shooting at cars with his paintball gun...the police were called and they gave him a ticket and the kid went to court, played the race card (He's black) and went home. An hour later he was at it again....he shot the car of the judge who let him go. He was fined and had to pay for the repairs.

Getting it fixed can be very expensive.