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There's a really cool little coffee shop right over by my house where a lot of my friends and I go. Yesterday I showed up, and one of my friends had set up a "painting party". I guess she bought several canvases and lots of paint, and let people at the coffee shop paint. They could either give her some money for canvas to keep the painting, but most of them were going to be sold at the coffee shop. It was a really fun idea. What I was surprised by was how many of friends painted, and how good they were at it. I didn't even realize! Being an artist, I love to hear about artists others work and their ideas, and even value their criticism more than others.

I'm curious who on here paints/draws/sculpts? What medium do you use? Personally I'm big on charcoal, and I paint with oils and acrylic on occasion. I love all art.


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I've dabbled with oils and used watercolour/acrylic to paint a scene on a doorway in my library. I used housepaint to do the walls in a fake stone effect, and an arch over the door, and then a scene with a path down to a cliff's edge overlooking water, on the door. It looks cool.


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Pantherace... I work in all mediums, but my favorite is pencil. My mom was an artist and worked in everything. Before she passed she was about to try her hand at marble; a wonderful artist.

How did the paintings sell at the coffee shop? And what a great idea that was.


i enjoy painting and drawing. i have more experience with pencil, but i really like paint such as watercolor and gouache.


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I love trying my hand at all mediums of art, I am currently working with polymer clay and acrylics. I'm having so much fun with my creations, I could almost feel guilty taking money for them...but I won't! :D


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I've done painting before but I personally don't like doing it. I prefer sketching and coloring with Colored pencils and ink pens. You'd be surprised what you can do with pencils and pens.