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Paint on the Wall TV Screens?


Registered Member
Your right, it would be cool. It would be so nice to use my computer but have the money mounted right on the wall and be about 1/4 inch wide, and if I need to take it off the wall. Then roll it up and put it in the corner until needed later.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I have a 24 inch widescreen monitor, and it's about 3 inches thick, but I sure can't roll it up LOL!

I have heard about this new technology for a while. It will be really cool once it' s mainstream, but I can't even imagine the initial cost when it first hits the market..

Ouch for sure!


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I saw one of these in an exhibition in Tokio, it was applied to a window in bedroom of a smart house. It can be seen though or when turned on watch TV, this saved space, very necessary in Tokio...


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Hmm I guess I'm more old-fashioned and I don't mind having a normal screen haha, I think painting would be wayy too expensive and augh so confusing. :(