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Movies Painfully memorable film deaths (major spoilers)


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The demise of characters in films is a huge spectacle, and has been portrayed a lot. Whether it's the lead getting gunned down, or some bad guy succumbing to a lethal plunge over a cliff.

But which deaths stick in your head, I'm especially referring to ones where you think 'God that had to hurt' or 'auw, stoinging steng, that was vicious...' or something along them lines. The ones that are perhaps only fulfilled in a split second, but are perceivably awful 'ways to go'.

A couple from me include:

Bad guy has his hands chopped off (I think) by a lashing bit of wire, and then, as if to rub salt into his already serious wounds, he is slapped full in the body with a swinging shipping container
Looked bloody painful

An obvious candidate, in which a coloured man is forced to bite the kerb, as a 'hulk'ing Edward Norton plants his boot on the back of his head. I think the sound of it is the worst part.
Looked bloody painful too.

Your choice(s)?

Videos for these moments now added... If interested.
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I can't actually think of any particularly memorable movie deaths in terms of "ouch, that's gotta hurt," the ones that come to mind are where it happens off scene but it still manages to touch you.

But anyway, since this thread is about the painful ones then I'll think some more. Dum dum dum. Ok, anything in Texas Chainsaw Massacre or the Final Destination movies. :D

(In case you can't tell, I completely fail at remembering scenes/entire plots from films.)


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I don't watch horror...so I haven't one to tell in that category, I don't like westerns either, so not much to tell about a gun shooting incident.
But the most painful movie death...well, it was heart breaking to me.....was in the movie Pay It Forward.....starring Helen Hunt as the Mom, and Joel Osment played the little boy, who was trying the technique of paying it forward, doing a good deed for someone, and then having that someone do a good deed for another and so on.
The movie also starred actor Kevin Spacey.
The ending was bad....the movie was good, and I wasn't prepared for the ending when the little boy (Osment) was fatally stabbed by a bully.
It showed Spacey and Hunt as well as the others who were teachers at the school, holding candles and singing "Calling All Angels" at the end.
I always wished they could of ended that movie in a more happier way, it bothered me seeing the little one stabbed to death.


Where is my Queen?
People dying in movies is no biggie for me but when I was a kid I almost cried when they shot Old Yeller.


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Another memorably 'ouch' type of demise is as follows:


@ 7:20 - Viggo Mortensen's Tom Stall is in a bit of bother, or so it seems, surrounded and outnumbered he battles his way out. Stamping on some poor guy's throat in the process.
YouTube - A History of Violence: The Robbery

@3:06 - Tom Stall in action once more, this time roughing up some hapless chump and punching his nose into smithereens. I'm not sure if he actually dies from this, but he probably wishes he was dead.
YouTube - A History of Violence:Death of Carl Fogaty

@ 2:15-2:30 - It's Tom again, with a coffee pot and a gun, blowing the shouting prick's jaw off.
YouTube - A History of Violence: The Robbery

All look very painful.
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People dying in movies is no biggie for me but when I was a kid I almost cried when they shot Old Yeller.

I can relate!
When I was in the 2nd grade, I was a latchkey kid...and so when I got home from school, I turned on the Tv and sat down and watched, until my Mother got home.
She told me practically every day, she'd walk in to find me sitting in the floor, crying while watching episodes of Lassie :lol:


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It seems the majority of people answering are referring to deaths that are of 'emotional impact'. I was asking for ones that look to be grossly painful, or generally awful ways to die for the character that bites the bullet. The Departed gunshots do look pretty damn gruesome... and Final Destination definitely has a number of demises that look utterly painful. Regardless of your choices, thanks for the contribution...

Anyway, continuing -- I'm gonna keep posting the odd clip and that, just to give me something to do. If you're in the mood to help build this little 'catalogue of film death' feel free. After all, death in films is a hugely portrayed thing. Is it not?

I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned Saw. Although, perhaps it has something to do with the unsurprising fashion in how the characters are bumped off.
Here's a particularly nasty one:
Clever man enters Jigsaw's furnace to retrieve a key. The consequences of his actions are pretty obvious.
YouTube - Saw II - 8. "Only the Devil"


Another memorable film death is this:
Man viciously stabbed up with a pen.
YouTube - Joe Pesci