Pain Tolerance


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The other day I chewed my finger nail back way to far. So far it caused it to bleed and of course throb in pain and discomfort.

But heres the thing, I've always prided myself on being able to withstand solid amounts of pain without whining and crying to much.

How about you? Are you a wuss in terms of tolerating Pain?


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"pain don't hurt"

I try not to be a wuss, but I gobble advil whenever I'm in pain. I get a lot of neck & back pain.


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I think I have a pretty high pain tolerance, judging on the fact that I see friends/family complaining about things hurting that I wouldn't even bat an eyelid to. Also, everyone I know who has had a tattoo on their foot has complained about how painful it was, and I didn't think it hurt all that much really when I had mine done there. However, if something really does hurt a lot, I will complain about it.


I will whine and cry for every pain. So don't count on me.
I hate every pain in my body ... no matter if it hurts a lot or not.
My pain tolerance is zero.


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I've learned to tolerate a lot of pain. I've broken ribs and not gone to the doctor. I've hiked a lot through excruciating pain. Last summer I hiked over 100 miles on a bad hip that hurt whenever I lifted my foot off the ground. I also had a lot of foot pain and some blisters on my toes the whole way.
Meh, average. I can suck it up and not say a word about anything that's causing me pain, but I have no idea how well I actually tolerate it within myself because there's nothing to compare to, and I've got no extreme examples of when I've been in serious pain and coped with it well (or, not well). I suppose I'll agree with what Imp says - I seem to always be around people that complain about the smallest things that wouldn't bother me.

I can be a little bit of a hypochondriac though so I'm more concerned about the things going wrong that I can't feel.


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I am really good with pain.. Not too much bothers me for more than a second or two..

The only pain that has been near unbearable was getting my tonsils out at 21. There was one day after I had my tonsils out that if I could have screamed. I would have. It was in the scabs were preparing to fall off. Ugh.. Not to mention that I had a large amount of unexplained bleeding and was possibly going to have to go back into surgery. All and all it wasn't all that bad.. Just that one day was >.<
I can tolerate it pretty well. I had to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled at once, one of which had a root wrapped around the nerve. The pain was really awful and the dentist offered to put me out, but I chose to just get it over with and deal with the pain.


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I'll have a bit of a whinge until mother can't put up with it and gives me what I need for the pain because I am too lazy to look for tablets and Deep Heat.


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I'm average i think. what i cant take is the damn heat. like oven and stuff. i'm like fucking alergic to any kind of heat! hehe