pain clinics


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I saw at tv yesterday pain clinics in Florida. People were going to doctors to have some pill they use off like drugs. So much people dead with It. It's difficulte to undersand doctors giving them prescription for wining much money. Do you think Obama's health care will change this a little? If governement help to pay care he will controling much, no?


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This health care plan makes only minor changes to the system and will not alter the face of the pain clinic industry. It's hard, for one thing, to draw a legal line between those providing that type of service and other medical specialists. Any licensed physician can, after all, prescribe pain medications from any kind of facility.

Another difficulty is that a single piece of legislation designed to right every wrong would have to be ridiculously complex. There are many who complain about the sheer size of even a bill as limited as this one turned out to be. Reform in this area, assuming that pain clinics are truly a problem for society and not simply what they say they are, would have to come at the state level.
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