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I used to have Yahoo Jukebox, which was awesome. A little expensive ($8/month) but not so much when you consider the service. I could listen to almost anything I wanted, whenever I wanted. Well they cancelled that service and transferred all subscribers to Rhapsody, which sucked. The songs skipped all the time, and the thing would just stop playing for no apparent reason, so I cancelled it. I've been extremely unhappy with the free music services online (deezer, pandora) because they play the same shite over and over, and there's no way to block a particular artist or song.

So does anyone know of a paid service similar to Rhapsody/Yahoo Jukebox? No, I don't have an ipod. I didn't post this so you guys could give me shit about being old-fashioned. kthx.


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As I was reading your post, I was thinking of the same site Anita posted. You sign up for free and you can make your own playlists with music from links they provide. The only downside is the quality of the songs is not guaranteed and the links can die out (since none of them actually belong to Project Playlist).

You can also download the songs with certain add-ons but we can't talk about that.