Pacquiao vs Cotto


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This is the next big upcoming match in the world of boxing. I decided to start a thread to discuss it.

Who do you believe is going to win?

If Pac wins can we include his name in one of the best pound for pound boxers of all time?

Thoughts on the boxing fight itself?


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I think we already can.. He's game & active, has all the attributes of a young Bruce Lee, & has won world titles from fly to welter.. Mayweather on the other hand is flippant & apathetic to such an extent, I wouldn't guarantee the fight will ever happen.. If it does, I'd probably sway towards Floyd on skill set, but wouldn't be confident of placing a bet.. Be interesting to see how they get on against Cotto & Juan Manuel Marquez respectively, in order to make a good assumption on how it will go between them..


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Manny is a madman in the ring. He has a very unique style that will trouble anyone. His mixture of speed by hand and foot is incredible. Top it off with good power and intensity, well lets just say he can leave anyone in his wake.

On that note I think many are taking Cotto very lightly. He will be the toughest challange the pacman has ever faced. Cotto has exceptional timing and one of the hardest jabs in boxing. If Cotto can find that timing and jab against Pacquiao I think he will shock many as his left hook will start finding its home. He can by downright brutal in there. I also think his heart test against Clottey has revitalized him.

I'm going to go against the grain, and predict a 5th round stoppage by Cotto. His size will be the difference I think.
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