Packers' Favre throws 400th TD pass

Bret Favre is a really great QB and I am so glad he stuck around another year.

Well Congrats to him on a feat that a select group get to see and feel


Sultan of Swat
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Yes it's amazing accomplishment I agree with you, and I still think he's up there with the great quarterbacks in the game today. He just needs some good quarterbacks, and is defense sucks, that's why they lose all the time. He's for sure a first ballot Hall of Famer. Keep it up my friend, your one of the best who ever played the game.

Dr. Fresh

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The Packers are rebuilding and Favre isn't really that happy with them and etc., but he's man and he's sticking with them no matter what. He wants to end his career as a Packer. However, I was hoping he'd end his career out as a champion (however, he's always a champion in my book).