Pacific Divison

Pacific Division

  • Los Angles Lakers

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  • Los Angles Clippers

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  • Golden State Warriors

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  • Sacramento Kings

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  • Phoniex Suns

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this one is up for grabs this year.


Aw, Here It Goes!
I'll go with the Clippers, I was choosing between them or the Suns,but from what i've seen in the pre-season Amare hasn't been his usual dominate self, with the Clippers acquisition of Tim Thomas I think that adds another threat from downtown, also their current player such as Livinston, Brand, Maggette, Kaman and Cassel have shown they fit well together seen in the previous season.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
The Clippers will definitly be a great team this year but I think that the Phoenix Suns will take it this year. Just because Amare hasn't been dominating so far it doesn't mean anything. Let's not forget he's coming back from a bad injury and this is only pre-season why give it your 100%. PLus they have Steve Nash and he'll only mkae Amare Stoudamire's return easier then any Point Guard would. Plus Boris Diaw will only get better this season. I am not saying that Suns will run away with it but they'll edge out the LA.Clippers for the Pacific title this season