Pacers: No Jermaine O'neal Trade



Indiana Pacers officials expect their phones to ring throughout the summer with teams calling about forward Jermaine O'Neal. Call all you want, team president Larry Bird said Wednesday, but O'Neal isn't going anywhere. "Jermaine's name is going to come up all summer," Bird said during his season-ending news conference at Conseco Fieldhouse. "There's not one time we ever called anybody and said, 'Hey, are you interested in Jermaine O'Neal?' Jermaine O'Neal is the best player on this team. Everybody on this team knows Jermaine is our guy. Are we looking to trade Jermaine? No."


It would be wrong to trade Jermaine now that they got rid of Ron who wanted to be the number 1 option on the team.Also they got Peja in return for Ron,he's no use without Jerm.
Also I think Jermaine ain't the leader the Pacers need so they should get rid of him in the next 2-3 years but I'd give him another chance.


If a good offer comes up say Kevin Garnett for Jermaine and Tinsley and Stephen Jackson. They might pull the trigger.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Yes they might pull the trigger but I don't really believe that he's going anywhere he's the captain for that team, and I really doubt that people will offer something really big if they do call for O'neal, he's the second best power forward in the east right after Chris Bosh, and with Peja probably returning next season, and probably 1 key free agent, and if Jermaine stays healthy then the team will be top contender once again.