Pacers Fire Carlisle


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Press Release -
The Indiana Pacers announced Wednesday that Rick Carlisle will not return as head coach, but will have the option to return to the team in another capacity.

In four seasons as Pacers coach, Carlisle compiled a 181-147 record (.552 winning percentage). The Pacers made the NBA playoffs in three of the four seasons and reached the Eastern Conference Finals in Carlisle’s first year, 2003-04. That same season, the Pacers posted a 61-21 record, the best in franchise history.

“Rick’s contributions to this franchise, first as an assistant coach, then as a head coach, have been tremendous,” said President of Basketball Operations Larry Bird. “This is a mutual decision and we’re happy that Rick will consider remaining with the franchise.”

“My wife, Donna, and I are very grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of a great organization like the Indiana Pacers for seven of the last 10 years,” said Carlisle. “We wish to thank Mel and Herb Simon, Larry Bird, Donnie Walsh and our players for a great experience. This is a class organization with great leadership and a loyal fan base that’s second to none.”

The Pacers’ search for a new coach will begin immediately.

The Pacers suffered a disappointing season with a bad second half that saw them drop out of the playoffs.


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I don't think this was a smart move. I mean he did good in his postition well somewhat and I mean they'll need to start from scratch next year with a new coach and I think that they should have given him one more year. Playoffs in 3/4 years is very good and he had a decent record.


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I really think this is odd, this is the first time since he's been with the Pacers that he hasnt made the playoffs, yeah his wins were shrinking for the past years but when you go 61 and 21 its hard to improve on that. Like I said before Isiah gets an extension and Rick gets fired doesnt make much sense.


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It makes no sense whatsoever , I guess the Pacers just have really high expectations but even then every coach has his good and bad years and this was just a bad one.


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This is a stupid move but not surprising, Thomas was a good coach with the Pacers and Bird still fired him, I know that didn't get along but he still did a good job as coach for them. So missing the playoffs is a big disapointment for the Pacer organization, so Bird thinks they need a change so they fired a great coach.

Carlisle did a very good job in his tenure with the Pacers, there was so many distractions on that team like the Brawl, and Artest, and Jackson, but he remained calm and tried his best to bring this team to the playoffs, but fell short. I am sure he's going to find a job somewhere else.


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He is one of the better coaches around and as soon as a team can realize that then he will have a job again. I still think it was a dumb move , He is a great coach whos team just had a bad year.

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you have to realise that Carlise's coaching style is abrasive and that only works so long with pro ball players.
he did it in Detroit it too so really it's NOT that surprising.
he also doesn't have a good track record of developing young talent either so if Indiana is going to blow the team up and go young, it's not a bad move either.


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Yeah remember Carlisle started Detroit's run by get them to 50 wins teo sesons in a row after they had a 32 win season the year before he got there. But he wasn't doing enough in the playoffs for Joe D's liking so he was let go in favor of Larry Brown. Carlisle seems like the classic case of a solid but unspectacular coach who's always getting pulled in favor of a flashier guy.