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P90X: Experiences?


Problematic Shitlord
Has anyone tried or used it?

I absolutely fucking loathe the gym with a passion and after seeing this infomercial like a hundred times, I went ahead and acquired it (and hopefully can stick to it).

Any stories? Tips?


How'd you end up liking it?

I'm halfway through it & actually enjoy it quite a bit. It was definitely tough in the beginning, considering I hardly ever worked out & my cardio was pretty limited. I've lost 20 pounds so far & can see a difference in my arms & stomach. I really enjoy kenpo and legs & back. I HATE yoga... and sometimes plyo is the last thing I wanna do after working all day. I plan on finishing it, taking a month off & starting P90X2 after that.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I've only seen its promotional vid at the same time as Insanity. I picked Insanity over it. In the end, I think p90x would be more my style since it seems more varied. Did you finish it?


Son of Liberty
I've never tried it but a few friends of mine have, and they were pretty happy with it. I love being in the gym, which is my garage actually, and I'm not sure how happy I would be with it if I bought it. I hope you like it though and you get to see some real progress from it. Keep us informed on your results with it.


Well, that plan went to shit. I had been doing it with my best friend & his girlfriend... then we hit a snag. She quit & then some shit came up for my friend, which caused him to start missing days. Eventually I gave up. I'm disappointed but I think I might take up Insanity and do it by myself.


Registered Member
I haven't tried it, but from the infomercials it looks pretty hardcore. I bet it would get you ripped.


Living on the 0th floor
I have never tried it.. I am not sure that it would be my style at all, but I have given thought to at least being open-minded to it and bumming it off a friend to see what it is really all about.

I do have one friend who has used it, he was significantly overweight, and he really does look like the before and after pictures you seen in the commercials. His success with it definitely gives it some appeal for me, but I have to truly enjoy something to stick with it, and I am worried the fun factor will be absent in P90X for me.


blue 3
I have really been looking into this lately. I'm not very good at developing my own work out plans and can't really afford to pay for a personal trainer. I'm not obese, but I'm significantly over weight currently and really want to get back into the shape I was in college. (College baseball made the world of a difference)

I've heard nothing but success stories from the people that have pushed through and completed it, my worry though, is only about 10% of the people I've talked to about it, actually finished it.


It's worth it. You'll definitely see results. It's not that hard, I just found it difficult to find an hour or two everyday to workout. I also slipped up because the people I was doing it with quit. If you do it with a partner, make sure they are 100% motivated to finish it & you should be fine.

I'm going to start it back up February 1st, by myself, we'll see how that goes.


It's not me, it's you.
My boyfriend really wants us to buy this, but I have my doubts. Buying something isn't really going to give either of us the will to work out, so I see it more as a waste of money. I have work out videos and The Body for Life book...so until he reads that, or until I get back on my workout videos, I don't really see the use of buying something like this just to let it collect dust like all our other workout stuff.