Owen's death: Who's to blame


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This is sort of a touchy subject so please be careful what you say.

Alright, if you follow wrestling then you know what happened to Owen Hart. Who's to blame for his death? Do you think it's his fault that he went up there and decided to do this stunt for the WWE? He could of easily declined.

Or do you believe it's the WWE's fault for sending a guy up there that as no training whatsoever?

I know there's no reason to point fingers at anybody in this discussion, but I thought it would be a nice debate.



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Definitely the WWE. Owen was scared of heights and very uncomfortable with the stunt in the first place. Plus the WWE disregarded his safety to pull of a stunt on the night that was just plain irresponsible in my eyes.

They put him up in a harness that had a quick release latch (so that he could pretend to get tangled up in a comical fashion and then fall to the floor). I remember readin before, i can't find the source right now, of stuntment saying they'd never go up in a harness like that. It wasn't used for it's proper use and it wasn't in any way safe.

The fact was, Owen wanted to keep his spot. Competition for TV time is very tight in the WWE (and was no different in the 90's) so the performers did what was asked of them, even if they weren't fully comfortable with what they were asked. Personally, i think Vince McMahon is responsible for Owen's death and i gotta say, i'm sickened that on occasions like the 10th anniversary of his death last summer that they don't honour his contributions to the WWE.


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I totally agree with you my friend, why send someone up to the rafters that as no training at all. I know his gimmick was to portray a superhero, but they're other ways to make an entrance.

The quick release was a bad idea from the get go, it was stupid to risk it. Some idiots will make the argument of Sting coming down no problem, same thing with HBK. But what they probably don't know is that the harness was more safe for those two wrestlers, and WCW and WWF had time to study the incident so it doesn't happen again.

The thing about Owen not being recongnized is that his wife doesn't want his name to be mentioned at all when it comes to the WWE. She's still mad about the whole incident, which I don't blame her since he died when all of this could of been avoided. So she was "left alone" to raise two kids.
You could place blame on both the WWE and Owen Hart. The WWE put him in a dangerous situation and he accepted it. It was a horrible tragedy and thankfully it'll never happen again.


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Apparently Owen's wife is filing another suite against the WWE for keeping Owen's name in WWE television. I'm not sure what WWE did but I guess they did something that she didn't like. So that's why WWE didn't mention him as Babe said.

It was WWE's fault though. It was something Owen couldn't afford to say no too so he just went along with it. I'm sure he didn't think something like this was going to happen. It was a tough situation and Vince should have been smarter than this. He paid the Harts 18 million bucks so needless to say he paid the price for this mistake.