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    round one of the OVR06 DESIGN COMPETITION
    is upon you. this isnt your average competition
    or your average battle. this is my comp. and
    it goes by my word. it isnt a make something
    this big and whoever wins, wins
    . i put forth
    guidelines, rules and regulations and you're to
    follow them and whoever is able to make the
    best product out of what i provide for them wins.
    this is a challenge as well as a competition. if you
    dont like how big your canvas is, dont complain to
    me. just dont enter. if you dont like the theme. do
    the same as before- dont enter. your complaints
    will fall on def ears. this is supposed to take you
    out of your element and make you possibly create
    unlike you've created before.

    the rules for this round are fairly straightforward.
    in the regulations i'll state what you work
    with, the theme, text and phrases you can use,
    dimensions and possibly color templates.

    once this thread is posted [when i click the post
    button], you'll have exactly 1 week [7 (seven) days]
    to complete it. if it doesnt match my specifications
    in terms of size, text, etc. you're entry will be ignored.

    each entry will be ranked and given points. the rank
    and points will be allocated as such;

    rank1 - 10 points
    rank2 - 9 points
    rank3 - 8 points
    rank4 - 7 points
    rank5 - 6 points

    and so on...

    the points you gain each round will be added up and
    whoever has the most at the end of this competition
    will win. what you win, i'm not sure yet but i've got
    time to figure that out. say you're not the best designer
    in the world but you can make solid pieces each round,
    you could possibly sneak in for the win at the end of
    the competition. you dont have to win every round to
    win the competition. but at the same time, if you're
    head and shoulders above the rest, you can easily take
    the cake.

    here are the rules you guys and girls will have to live by.
    follow these to a T, make sure you dot your i's and you
    should be ok. remember, it's not about winning every
    round- it's about being consistant 'til the very end.

    the theme for this round is possibly a difficult one. the
    theme is the concept of obsession. do whatever
    you need to create something with that theme. think
    about something you obsess over, extreme cases of
    obsession, what it represents to you, etc.

    the only text you can use for this piece is;

    so this is obsession?

    no other text is allowed to be on the piece. you can
    repeat it as many times as you want, but those are
    the only words you can put on the page. you may
    not take any words out, or only use a specific word.
    you must use the whole phrase, as you see it. you
    cant change punctuation. what you may do is change
    capitalization but that's all.

    dimensions for this will be awkward for some of you
    because it's so strong, vertically.

    dimensions are;
    600x950 (width x height)

    photo choice is up to you as the designer. use any
    you want, but you may not use more than 1 photo.
    do whatever you want to the picture, manipulate it
    however you please.

    by photo i mean any sort of picture, scan, cel, or
    photograph. say you wanted to use a seagull in
    your design for this competition, you could either
    find one online, draw one and scan it, or scan
    your own picture, but if you chose to use one of
    those methods, that would be your 1 picture.

    NOTE you may not use another photo to manip.
    your 1 main photo. you can use the same photo to
    manipulate, but it must be the same photo.

    for color, you must use the following color in some
    way or another;


    for this competition, it will be 100% photoshop. no 3D
    STUDIO MAX or imageready or anything. all photoshop,
    all the time.

    when you're finished with your piece, feel free to PM
    your work. do not post it in this thread or any other
    thread. once i receive your work, it'll be uploaded on
    to my website. by then, i'll have made a page for this
    competition and all the entrants piece will be on display
    with credit given to each designer. also the points
    standing will be found here as well as my own website
    throughout the competition. so if you cant find something
    on here, look on my website.

    may the best designer win.

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    yea checkin in
  3. Babe_Ruth

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    I am not entering I am just adding this little comment. This should be real interesting to see.
  4. Malificus

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    So does the photo have to be of a real thing, or is any picture allowed?

    And by C21903, you mean this, right?
  5. SenatorB

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    Requesting clarification of photos and text

    You say we may use one photo? Or are we allowed to combine drawings and other work with photos? Do you mean specifically photos as in photography, or did you mean no combining multiple works total (for example, not that I'd do this, but could an entry have a render in the background, some anime drawing over that, and some other stuff all blended together... or would that count as multiple photos). Basically, what counts as a photo?

    In terms of text, "so this is obsession?" is the only text we are allowed... Are we allowed to only use pieces of that, for example only using the word "obsession" instead of the whole phrase. Are we allowed to use different punctuation, for example a "..." instead of a "?". Are we allowed to use different capitalization, such as capitalizing the first letter?

    Besides that, I think I'm clear on everything... How should we submit the work, in a reply post on this with a link to it uploaded somewhere, or PM you or what?

    Edit: Any limitations on medium or method of creation?
  6. OVR 06

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    good questions. i was hoping you guys would ask questions
    'cause that would help me clearify things for the future.

    first i'll define what i mean by photo: by photo i mean any
    sort of picture. whether it be a picture from an anime, a
    photo you took of a flower, a scan of your hand. i guess
    you could call it a "stock" or whatever. if you scan a drawing
    you cannot use it in conjuction with another picture
    or photo. if you scan a drawing, that's your 1.

    a 3d render would not constitute a photo and thus wouldnt
    count towards your 1.

    in terms of the text, you have to use "so this is obsession?"
    the whole thing, no change in punctuation but you may
    capitalize as you see fit. pretty much whatever phrase or
    word i supply, you have to use it as i've used it other than
    capitalization. no more, no less.

    also, PM me the piece by next saturday and i'll host them
    on my website and post each piece in the results thread
    or whatever i may do.

    in terms of medium limitation, for this competition, let's keep
    it 100% photoshop just for simplicity sake.

    i'll be sure to add these explainations to the original post.
  7. I'm not good at gfx shit. However I may have a crack at it. We will see what my schedule has in store for me (finals this week. :( )
  8. Malificus

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    So what format do you want them in?
  9. OVR 06

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  10. Malificus

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    What if the image has text on it (foreign laguages like Japanese, where the text won't be confused with 'is this obsession?')?

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