Ovechkin wants player meeting on 2014 Olympic participation

Discussion in 'Hockey' started by Babe_Ruth, Sep 10, 2009.

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    Ovechkin wants player meeting on 2014 Olympic participation - NHL - Yahoo! Canada Sports

    Personally I love this, I think it's so stupid that the NHL doesn't want to send it's NHL players to the Olympics after 2010.

    I love how one of the biggest names in the NHL is stepping up and saying that he's going to play in the Olympics in 2014 no matter what. I think players should be allowed to represent their country in the Olympics even if the NHL makes a rule saying it's not allowing them to play.

    With that being said I wouldn't be surprise if stupid ass Bettman fines players for this. If he does it will be one of the biggest mistakes he'll ever make as a commish, and that's saying a lot because this douche has already made some big ones.


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    Players should have the option to play hockey for their country no matter what. If Bettman decides to fine players for playing without the leagues permission....he'll just end up driving many players back to their home countries to play professional hockey instead of staying in the NHL. There are already a large number of high-profile players who decided to go play in the KHL....its only going to take an incident like this to send a bunch more back home for good.

    The only thing I think he should try to do is make all NHL contracts void if a player gets injured in the Olympics and misses time from his NHL team. An NHL team shouldnt have to pay the contract of a player if he gets hurt playing in some other hockey league.
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