Outrageous Guest Requests.

Discussion in 'Offbeat News' started by Impact, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. Impact

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    World's Most Outrageous Guest Request

    Every now and then we hear about the rich asking for crazy things to be done to their hotel rooms whilst they are staying there, but these ones just take the cake. Some people really do have money to burn, but there are some that are just plain stupid. Like the guy expecting to have a cellphone tower built that day because he had poor cellphone coverage. It would make me HATE to work in that industry.

  2. Nixola

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    Wow, they are pretty outrageous!!

    Espically the "cover" the sand one and changing his stove from gas to wood!

    Do they actually seriously expect people to do that sort of thing for them! It's totally unbelieveable!
  3. viLky

    viLky ykLiv

    Honestly, if I got paid well enough by the rich I wouldn't mind fulfilling some of their requests. Keep me happy with the dough and I'll tolerate it.

    Some funny requests I read in the past were somebody asking for a bowl full of blue only M&Ms. Another was lobster in exchange for showing up to a late night talk show. Are they true? Not sure, but it's fun to laugh about. :D
  4. Xeilo

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    Its getting a bit silly when people that are rich think they can get anything anywhere anytime, gez!
  5. Barbara

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    I think the worst one for me was the guy who wanted an all day sitter for his son on Xmas day. Seriously?
  6. Rebeccaaa

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    Inorite, and that's sad for more than 1 reason.

    I think the sand one is pretty funny, too. "I don't like sand. Cover it up, nao!"
  7. Raos

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    This request actually was from Van Halen, but it is not as outrageous as it sounds. There was a legitimate reason behind it.

    Bands have "riders" which spell out everything from start to finish about the performance. It is basically the contract between the band and venue. It spells out things like how many people will be available for setup and breakdown, times, places, and all sorts of other logistical items that need to be spelled out.

    The Blue M&M request was inserted into the rider as a test. The band knew that if the blue M&M request was overlooked then chances were that other more serious requests would be overlooked. If they go to their room and there were multi-colored M&M's then they would have their manager talk to the venue to ensure everything else was in place, or they would cancel the show. This had to do, among other things, with safety reasons. If the venue could not follow the M&M request then would they be able to follow other requests where peoples lives were on the line, such as people loading heavy equipment and being many feet in the air installing lights and other things?

    Yes it seems silly on the surface, but it served as a valuable tool in knowing if a venue was taking their concerns seriously or not.
  8. ysabel

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    Have you guys watched Maid in Manhattan? And that's only "average" requests from VIPs. I think when you pay ridiculous prices to stay in a hotel, you get the right to ask for ridiculous things and expect them to be fulfilled. And why do hotels try to accommodate? Because they'll lose business. And other hotels are willing to be of service to the client they'll lose.

    I stay in middle to low range hotels and sometimes I feel weird even just asking for extra towels. :rofl: But when I'm paying a good hotel, I feel more courageous to demand.

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