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Outrageous Ebay Auctions!!!


Registered Member
Now this has me a little ticked off...

In the Hurricanes aftermath, people in LA, MS, and FL were GIVEN MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat) so they wouldnt starve...

You want to know where to find cases of these that were GIVEN to these 'victims'... thats right... EBAY

These people have decieded to auction off something that was given to them, payed for with all the money we donated to the cause, and they are going to try and profit off of it..

I did a 'MRE' search on ebay, came across 6 PAGES of MRE on ebay...

Now, I could understand if it was a 'collectable'... yes there are expired MRE that people do collect, but these are ones sent to victims of the hurricanes...

Sad... just SAD


Registered Member
People are actually buying these???? They're just as bad as the ones selling! Although not against any current eBay rules they should stop the sale of these on principal! But of course they won't.....


what? no pink?
I agree with Nanner, the people buying them are just as bad!


Secret Agent
Staff member
People donated money so that these people could be fed, and instead, they sell the food on eBay while other people still need it. I'm sure they would argue that they need the money, but that's no excuse. The food is there and people need it. It was donated so people could eat, not fight over who's going to bid the most for it.


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People are weird. I have a weird auction for selling feed that we bought for the hurricane. People seemed bummed out that the items aren't MRE's.