Outdoor activities during winter


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Do you like outdoor activities during winter? Have you done or planned anything special this season?


This coming weekend is officially winter vacation for schools here and a lot of my friends are planning to go on a skiing trip (here or in nearby cold countries). I usually just like to stay indoors. I don't even know how to ski or ice skate. Never tried. I'm really not into outdoor winter activities. In fact I wish days would be faster so Spring would come sooner.
I love being outdoors in winter, but not doing sports unfortunately :laugh:
I can't ice skate to save my life and skiing etc doesn't really appeal to me either. I went once when I was younger but gave up after about 10 minutes lol.


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Skiing and snowboarding sound too boring to me. I love snowmobiling and ATV rides though. I haven't done either in a year at least, they're too fun to pass up!


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I like to go Mountain Boarding in the fall and winter, i also do alot of trail hiking and biking in the fall and winter too.


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It's really too cold out in winter here for any outdoor activities to be very appealing to me, BUT I make it a point to go sledding at least once a year, usually around Christmas. It usually starts out as sledding anyways, then turns into bumper sleds, followed by snow wrestling :lol:


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I don't do very many outdoors activities during winter, but once in a while it's fun to do a little hike. Everything is so quiet and peaceful when there's fresh snow.

If I lived near mountains I'd get into skiing and winter mountaineering.


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snow mo bealing
and paint ball are all fun. sadly havent done any for a couple of years and wont again this 1. other than that im a "house pet" during winter.


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Winter is evil and there will be no sports on my part being had out there. I stay as warm as possible and avoid it all. However, I wouldn't mind iceskating on an inside rink sometime lol


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Well it's snowing pretty bad here at the moment. The only activities I'll be doing is maybe a little sledging and snowball fighting!!

I'm lousy at skiing and boarding, I like to leave it to the pro's.