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Our hamster


Registered Member
We got this picture today as our new hamster slept inside his wood log facing outward. So cute. It is a Djungarian hamster that we bought at Christmas for our 13 y/o son. I call him Murphy but my son named him Dimitri.

Here's more info if you're interested.

Djungarian hamster - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Registered Member
Aw, so cute :)
Years ago when my son was college age, he had 2 hamsters, he named one "shit" and the other "happens".
When he went off to college, he stayed in a dorm the first year and he left the hamsters with me.
Bad mistake.
I am pretty sure I forgot to feed them, as one day I smelled something and it was coming from my son's room and upon further investigating, I discovered only 1 live hamster in the cage!
The live one was Happens....the dead one (what was left of him) was Shit.
But sadly, he was no more, and I had to tell my son, that Happens ate Shit.


I'm serious
That is a really cute hamster shel. Dimitri is a cool name as well. I only had one hamster when I was a child. My mother gave me a choice of hamsters or rabbits, so I went with rabbits and we had those for years.

How old is Dimitri?


aka ginger warlock
I have had a hamster for about two years now, I wasn't sure about having him at first, I worry about almost everything and was worried about him but these days I am fine with him and enjoy seeing him when I wake up in the morning, he makes me laugh when he does stupid things :)


Registered Member
So sad. Our little guy died this morning. I had noticed some weight loss, and excessive exercising, but didn't know it was so serious. Goodbye Dimitri.


Sally Twit
I'm really sorry. I was devastated when Hamlet died. We had him for two and a half years which is old for a hamster. In the end he couldn't even open his eyes. It wasn't easy to see him that way.
I hope Dimitri wasn't suffering.


Son of Liberty
Sorry to hear about that.

I had a Guinea Pig go out on me earlier this year. Kim and I had her for almost a full 7 years, she thrived on lettuce like a boss.

one day my mom (because i was still living with my parents at the time) was cutting some lettuce for lunch and Molly just didnt squeak like she used to. Turned out she'd died earlier that morning, peacefully because there was no sign of struggle.

So my condolences go out to you. Sucks losing a rodent like that, funny how attached you can get to the little buggers.


rainbow 11!
I am sorry Shel. It is always hard to lose a pet :( I hope your son is okay...

I had my cat put down maybe three or four weeks ago. I am still crying about it. Haha we had her for ten years. Turned out she had an inoperable tumor.
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