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Mountainboarding sounds pretty painful to me. So...is it? How does it even work? I'm a little curious!


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Well it's like skateboarding but with a longer board. Obviously the potential to fall is more than just there... it's hardly less than a guarantee. That's why you wear lots of padding and armor when you go. :)

I've never done it but I'm not really even good at skateboarding. I'd like to think that learning that would be important to do before trying mountainboarding.


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I have no desire to try mountain boarding. I would probably break my neck. I like that you have to make sure you wear your armor. Curious to see it actually done though.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi ya.

Mt boarding is like snowboarding only without the snow.

Mt boards have both slip in and out bindings, as well as Snowboard style bindings.
The good thing is that they have Breaks.

It's about 46 to 48 inches long with a 14 inch width.

Andrew the best Mt board retailer in the world is near you. MBS mountian boards is located in Colo Springs.

This is their site : MBS MOUNTAINBOARDS

I would also say get Body Armor w/spine protector (Pressure Suit) Gloves, and a closed face helmet.
****You don't want an open face helmet as for your feet are in bindings and you will fall on your face or back/ass.****
I also recomend Impact shorts too! You can find those in snowboarding gear.

All of the above mentioned gear can also be purchased on eBay as well. I get killer deals there.
A total Mountian Boarding setup will run you around 500.00 or more.

My board ran me 600.00 alone. My armor ran me around 300.00 for it all ( helmet, pressure suit, gloves and Impact shorts)
But once you buy the gear that's it no more cost.
Except for the occasional trip to the hospital. LOL :D

BTW Andrew I recomend the ski slopes in the summer to board on, and also try out the enchanted forest too.
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So, is it more like skateboarding or snowboarding, or both? Sounds interesting, but probably not for me...just because, with my luck, I'd be getting injured left and right even with the padding!


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
It's both! Minus the cold and the supermaning on small rocks and road debris.

I used mine in the fall and the summer. Even rode it in the winter when it wasn't too cold.

Yes you can use a snowboard bindings. MBS makes a spectial pair. I don't recomend them for frist timers. I go without bindings perriod. I freeboard and Durtsurf.

Don't let the prices scare you off, like I said there good deals on eBay. Real good deals.

Besides you can buy you gear and board upgrades over time.

Check out MBS's site and then see if eBay can beat their prices. That's how I got my carbonfiber w/ diskbrakes Mt Board for 150.00 normaly cost 450.00.

Also check out pawnshops, you will find them there too sometimes. And cheap!
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