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  1. Do you guys think that this is the year they will finally win a Stanley Cup? As much as it pains me to say it, I can't see a reason why the Sens won't win it all this year. They are easily the most talented team in the league. I honestly think that in terms of talent they may just be on a level of their own. Chemistry shouldn't be a problem because they have been together for so long. Their goaltending is fine, with Emry and Gerber. Both can start if asked upon. The defense is tough, gritty and play fundamentally sound hockey.

    Do you guys think that there are any teams in the league that would be able to beat Ottawa in a 7 game series? If so who?

  2. andrew_bishop

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    I think the Sens are just hot right now and it could cool off. Last year people said yes they'll take the cup and look what happened in the end. Theres no telling whos gonna make the finals but the Sens have some troubles right now as well such as their goalie issue and the Redden sitation so right now I think that they are good but still wouldn't be handing them anything.
  3. Vegito728

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    I don't think they will win the Stanly Cup but it's to early to tell. They are off to a great start but the last year or so they have started fast. Wait till were like 50-60 games in then I can answer your question with a yes or no.

    The teams that I think could be them in a 7 game series are, Red Wings, Wild, Carolina, San Jose and Philadelphia. Their are a couple other teams that I'm not sure about though.
  4. andrew_bishop

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    I think the Sens need to adress several defensive probelms as well. While their defence so far has been good they still have several questions in the lineup and lets not forget their defensive collapse last season
  5. Slimpy

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    Its not always the best team paper that will win it all. For example the 2004 Calgary Flames, they relyed on the will to win more then anything and look how far that got them.
  6. andrew_bishop

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    Not the teams that are the favourites make it far but look how many of those teams actually took the cup home. Taking nothing away from those teams but when it comes down to it , It usually is the favourite winning the cup.
  7. Babe_Ruth

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    They're definitly the favorites to win the Stanley Cup this year. I hate the Ottawa Senators with a passion, but I can't hide the fact that they're probably the most dominant team in the NHL. Theyt have 4 strong lines, their defense is almost unbreakable, and their goalie situation is bad thing according to the media but it's great for the Ottawa Senators.

    But here's the reason why I think thwy won't win the Stanley Cup. The Ottawa Senators players have the attitute of ''Oh Well maybe next year". That's such a negative attitude to have and that's why they seem to get far but at the end they collapse. They don't have the motivation to go all the way. Plus when the team they're playing gets physichal they seem to shy away from the physichal play and get off their game.
  8. Tiberius

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    The Sens are the defending champions and are red hot so till someone hands them their ass they are the best in the NHL IMO.
  9. Babe_Ruth

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    If you mean defending Eastern Conference champions then your right. But if you mean NHL defending champions then your wrong, because the Anaheim Mighty Ducks won the Stanley Cup last season. But back to the topic. Like you said they're a strong team, but the Eastern Conference got stronger this off season so it will be very hard for them to dominate all year like they're doing now. As soon as the new teams gets used with each other then the Ottawa Senators will start looking over their shoulders.
  10. Tiberius

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    I did mean that the Sens won the Conference. I know the Ducks have the cup. My team the Bruins are in the east so i'm biased. :p

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