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Other life nearby Earth


Hell, It's about time!
I was watching a program on the Discovery Channel about how scientists have discovered other Earth like planets within 500 light years of us. In space terms that is very close given the size of the universe. They are saying humans are probably just another average species of life in the universe and that more then likely there are other advanced life forms on these other planets closer to the center of the Galaxy. They may be more advanced then we are given our location and the time which we formed in the Galaxy, this is if life formed as we know it.

Do you think life and technology would develop generally the same on alien worlds with intelligent species, or do you think there is a whole separate evolution and discovery process that we can't even fathom?

The Promise of Kepler-22b - YouTube


Free Spirit
Staff member
I think there is a strong possibility that life on other worlds could of developed just as we did. I think there is a possibility we could be here because of them. We want to mine other planets so why couldn't another species want to do the same. If they are more advanced than us they could of been into genetic engineering to change the species that is already on that planet.

Then again they may not be anything like us. They may be frightening or something you would have a hard time recognizing as a life form. Maybe instead of breathing air they breath methane.

All I have said is just speculation of course but I think it would be more likely that they are somewhat like us since the universe is suppose to be made up of the same stuff. Considering how vast the universe is I think there is a very strong chance there are others out there just as or much more capable than we are.


IMHO there has to be other more intelligent life out there because we sure as hell aren't that smart because we have done and still do the following. . . . . . .

pollute the ground
pollute the water
pollute the air , in fact we broke our sky !!!!!!!
we wage wars
we kill each other

there has to be just has to be more intelligent life out there.


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I like the Zeratul avatar Pro.

I think that it's almost a guarantee that if life is found on any other planet that their technology is guaranteed to be drastically different from our own (in both design and technological level) that could go either direction though, advanced on not so advanced.

If life is discovered on another planet there is almost no hope to communicate with them.


A Darker Knight
Alien tech would look different for sure, but there's only so many elements in the universe and so many ways to produce energy. I think the highest level of tech a species could build is one that easily and efficiently creates and uses energy from nuclear fusion. Thinking about the most massive and energetic things in the universe, a lot of them undergo nuclear fusion. They'd have long abandoned oil or natural gas. Solar, hydro, and wind wouldn't be enough anymore.

If we could managed to make energy like our sun does, I think we could maximize our planet's potential to support life in practically every sense.