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Other hobbies?


New Member
So, do you guys have any other hobbies? Like playing music, gaming, etc..?
I myself play guitar in a band, try hard to make music videos, I'm also a casual gamer, but planning on becoming a bit more active on that part. (gonna buy myself an Xbox) I also watch anime and read manga, but that's almost a given if you're on here, isn't it? so what are your hobbies?;)


Registered Member
Uh, I have a couple things I like to do.

I have a lot of interest in scientific research regarding genetics and biology, so I like to read medical and scientific journals occasionally.

I also have an interest in sexuality, especially sexual psychology. I think what our body does when it's aroused is kind of fascinating, especially what it stimulates in our brain, and how sexual interests vary from person to person, without any real definite way to determine it before questioning an individual.

I love gaming - video, card, table-top - and love playing games with others. I think it's my favorite way to socialize with people.

I like to read, particularly sci-fi/fantasy, but I'll venture into other genres. Writing is also a passion of mine, when I can find the right inspiration.


Supreme System Lord
Poker has become my fastest growing hobby over the last six months. I've been playing online for a while and also participating in local cash tournaments aswell.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Video games, watching sports, and hiking are my three biggest hobbies.


Singing is my primary hobby. I haven't done any recording lately because I've been pretty busy but I'll start new ones later this season.

Computers are my other hobby. I love learning new things about hardwares and softwares.

Taking pictures from time to time..which is another way to spend the free time.


Problematic Shitlord
I've always been a huge gamer. At the moment, I stick to my PS3 when I'm at home and my DS when I'm on the move. I play nearly anything except racing and fighting games.

I was once a prolific writer but it's been hard for me to do it recently and to be honest I'm not sure why. I think I've lost my focus.


Registered Member
I have lots of hobbies. :nod: I'm all over video games, especially the Zelda series and cant wait for Skyward Sword to be released! The Hobbit is another fav.
I'm also very on with photography and take tons of photos. I like watching for unusual shots with good lighting and the right content.
And I love climbing and swimming! I can get up almost any tree and I'm def all over rappelling.
And I write. I wanna do sci-fi and I've learned a lot about mixing scenery & dialogue into narratives. I also work to make my stories and characters believable. It's really tuff getting everything right but def worth it!


I have LOADS of hobbys. I love gaming, especially on PS3 and PC. I love reading and collecting lots of books/comics/manga. I'm an archer and shoot every week in an archery club. I love animals and going to wildlife parks and animal expos. I love movies and collecting DVD's and blu-rays as well as going to the cinema and I go there heaps.


Registered Member
I have a ton of hobbies too. If you can call all of them hobbies :) I enjoy music, collecting fairies, collecting anything Victorian, antiques, collecting books (someday I will read them), driving, crocheting, painting & drawing, photography, designing clothing. I'm not much of a Tv person or a video game person.


Registered Member
I like to go camping, ride dirt bikes, and do outdoorsy type stuff. I also enjoy playing volleyball in whatever free time I have left.