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Sally Twit
I always wonder how people can post on more than one forum. Does it not get confusing and stressful to keep up?

I've only ever been a member of GF. This one is enough for me.
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I have been a member on numerous forums that have shut down over the years and a few that have stayed open such as GF and another forum that I am on. So, only two forums for me right now, with General Forum being the one I am most active one out of the two, the other one I visit maybe once every three days because I am the captain of one of the fantasy teams on there.

I don't find it stressful because the two forums have nothing in common, totally different topics so what I don't get out of one, I get on the other.


yellow 4!
I was an active member at a forum before GF, but it was very specific (revolved around my fav snooker player, to be precise), and I eventually got bored of it. I'm still in contact with a few friends I made there though.

Other than that one, I've never been an active member at any other forum besides GF. I do read them from time to time, and I've signed up to a couple, but I've hardly made any posts and I don't remember my logins etc.

I don't plan to join any more forums.


Creeping On You
I'm active over at a halo forum. Its mainly specific to custom halo games though. I mainly just post there to find games to join. I've made a few xbox friends on there. I go several weeks without posting there though.


I ♥ Haters
I joined Lord of The Boards forum while I was on hiatus from GF last year. I made a few dozen posts, and um, people there didn't really like me too much. Turns out some people don't like being called "whores" and " bloody vaginal belches" even in jest... who knew.

I think I'll stick with GF, thankyouverymuch.


I was on a few forums before landing here at GF. One was REHorror, a Resident Evil forum and the other was OnyxDomain, a forum for the rap group Onyx. ReHorror tried to keep up with the times and ended up imploding. OD is still around, but all of the old members have left.

I was on both of those at the same time, and no, I never found it confusing or hard to keep up.

I think it'll just be GF from here on out for me.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I'm on one other forum besides GF, that is where BR found me and invited me over. I have to say I like this one better and happy to be here. I have a couple of friends on the other one I like to talk to and it satisfies my paranormal and UFO interests.


Registered Member
I've been a member of a couple different forums. One was started by a friend and was always just for a small group of us, and it died out eventually. The other is a baseball forum that I still post on. I'm very active in one area of that forum, but pretty much non-existent elsewhere. I couldn't even tell you if that forum was struggling or booming, because my focus is so narrow at the moment.


I joined Lord of The Boards forum .
I joined that forum many yeras ago. Posted for a while but left soon. It's a trashy forum with adult who act like teenagers.

On a side note, I've been to many many forums over the years, especially in the past I used to post on 5 forums at the same time...but since GF came into the scene I started to leave the other forums behind.
Sometimes I post on very specific forums like health forums, computer forums and I post there once in a while, only when I've got specific questions to ask. But I'm not a regular member.

It is time consuming and tiring when being on several forums at a time. When I was younger I could handle it but not nowadays when I've got other issues going on with my life and I've got other priorities.

The only forum I'll be a regular member on is simply GF. Others are just temporarily.


Well-Known Member
I'm a member at a couple other forums. I think I have posted 50 times total around those. They're topic specific forums that I can't really talk about at GF due to lack of interest/ knowledge on certain subjects. If GFers could or did talk about these things I'd gladly do it here instead.

GF really has become my home on the Internet and I compare all forums to this one. None come close.