Other forms of child abuse/neglect

Studies show that the number of overweight children is growing at an alarming rate. 1 out of 3 kids are considered overweight.
Too many kids are living a sedentary lifestyle and they are paying the price in the form of fat.
Who's to blame? Where are the kids learning to live this way?

This news story is taking it to the extreme, but it's also what got me thinking that allowing your child to become a food addict is just as bad as allowing them to smoke or do drugs. This girl is literally killing herself with food. Who do you suppose is her enabler? Her mother of course.

Isn't this another form of abuse or neglect? I think this shows parenting at its worse.

FOXNews.com - 462-Pound Teen Eats 13,000 Calories a Day, Says Food Like Heroin - Health News | Current Health News | Medical News

This photo shows what 15 year old Georgia Davis eats in a typical day..



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That picture just made me hungry.

Anyway, I agree that childhood obesity should be treated as a form of child neglect. If it were the opposite case, where a kid is not fed and is malnourished and unhealthy, we say the child has been neglected. So why not when the kid is overfed to the point of ruining his health? But I'm not sure how to go about the consequences to the parents, if ever.


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Let's see, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, joint problems especially in the knees, fatty liver, sleep apnea, not to mention the psychosocial consequences of being overweight.

yeah, I think that qualifies as abuse.
I notice that there is not one single piece of fruit or (aside from french fries :rolleyes:) any vegetables on that table.

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How mean. Why did they make her pose for that photo?

That picture just made me hungry.
Me too. :lol:

The only healthy thing I see on that table is milk.

I'm not sure... I don't have kids, and don't wanna be one of those people who says the kid needs to be this or that, but that 15 year old is just too big and her diet habits are horrible. When it's cases like this, then I agree it's child abuse/neglect.
Reading more about her, it looks like her dad died when she was young and she turned to food for solace. Her mother should have noticed the warning signs and gotten her the appropriate help before it got this far.

On a side note: The mother also has weight issues. A lot of times it does seem to be a pattern in families.


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I was told about a recent discovery that not all obese people get that way because they don't care or whatever.
Apparently they found a gene that causes a person to not be satisfied after a moderate meal and they continue eating and eating.
They interviewed one child, a 10 year old, who said he was so glad they found a reason behind his particular obesity since he couldn't stop himself from eating continuously.

I definately agree that if the obesity is not caused because of the gene it can be seen as child abuse.


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They didnt make her

They probably just caught her at lunch and attached a steak to the camara to keep her attention.
Oh wow........

Hahahahahaha. I can't believe you just said that. :lol: Messed up.. But funny.
Anyway.. I think it is hard to keep childrens weight under control. It is hard to know how to judge the situation in giving the right amount of sweets to keep them from getting obese. You deny junk food from them and when the kid can drive they will be out buying candy 24/7 or they will get it at school; let them have as much as they want and they might constantly eat it. Teaching them to make the healthy choices is hard in this world.

Unfortunately, it is one of these issues that parents have to get under control before the kid reaches the teens, because then it feels like a personal attack, that their parents are too hard on them and it all becomes a confidence problem 9 times out of 10 making the problem worse.
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