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Music Otaku Rapper Richie Branson


Ms. Malone
I follow TokyoPop on Twitter and last month they posted a vid by Richie, which was a rap to the Gundam Wing Theme 'White Reflections'; I had a listen, couldn't quite figure out if I liked it or not and forgot about it.

The other day, TokyoPop posted another vid. Richie has now rapped about Cowboy Bebop to the anime's ending theme 'The Real Folk Blues'

It's pretty fucking good.

Cowboy Bebop Rap - "Space Cowboy Serenade" - YouTube

I must admit, after finding White Reflections again it's grown on me too.

Gundam Rap - "White Reflection" *Wing Zero Mixtape* by Richie Branson - YouTube

His GDW album is free to download from his site. I've done so and I'm impressed.