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Amusing OSU students find mystery man living in basement.


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OSU Students Find Stranger Living Behind Mystery Door in Their Basement

I thought this was hilarious and scary at the same time. Apparently he was a fellow student that had been let into the house by previous roommates but he never moved out. He lived int he basement in secret and the other roommates thought he was some kind of poltergeist or some crap because they thought his alarms and other noises were from ghosts.

Scary, but hilarious. I love it!


Free Spirit
Staff member
I think its funny that they thought the noises were from a haunting.

It would be scary to have someone living in your house like that. Lucky the man didn't try to harm them.


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That would have been proper scary, I feel sorry for the guys and I hope the real estate pays them out big time for the negligence.


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That would definitely be scary, but it makes me wonder how this was even possible. The dude would have had to leave the house at least occasionally. They never saw him coming or going? They heard noises coming from the utility closet and never tried to get in there to see what it could have been?