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"Osama bin Laden" rejected for dream island job


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Osama Bin Laden rejected for dream island job | Oddly Enough | Reuters

One of the applications was a 30-second prank video showing the world's most wanted man, with nonsensical sounds dubbed over his real voice.
Using subtitles, bin Laden argues his case for the six-month contract, describing himself as "outgoing," "familiar with sandy areas" and experienced with "large scale event coordination."
He lists his interests as arts, crafts and renovating.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
It would have been a shocker if the fake Osama got an interview. Looks like there is no love for the Alkaid leader or any openings for him at this time.


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Huh. I think they should give the job to Osama (the real one). Then, when he shows up, *blam*. My plan is flawless.


Endangered Species
How do they know it was a fake?:turned:


Son of Liberty
Thats awesome. Now thats a prank I like to see :hah:. And its kinda cool that the Dream island people mentioned it to the media to so that all the efforts that went into the joke are being rewarded hahaha. Very cool.


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I made a thread about the job offer before:

At that time it was very difficult to get to the website to see the details for applying. They announced it massively and it's a very tempting offer. I won't be surprised if people who made this got bored of the site lag and decided to play a prank instead of applying seriously. Instant fame.