Organ Transplant Jet Crashes


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A jet carrying an organ for a patient waiting for a transplant had crashed. When they learned of the crash, they stopped preparing the patient for the transplant who is in critical condition. The plane crashed in Lake Michigan and the coast guard are looking for survivors. They can survive in the water for 16 hours and I am hoping they find everyone alive.

Jet crashes en route to organ transplant -


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The person waiting for the transplant will probably not make it now. That's really sad especially after they probably were told the transplant organ was on the way. :(

Hopefully the jet passengers will be found in time. :(
No survivors and the transplant recipient is a child from all reports. I won't go into the reasons I'm devastated over this, but PLEASE pray for the family waiting for the the double lung transplant!!!!!


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Wow! This is terrible. Little scary also as my cousin (a charter pilot) does this type of thing too.