Optimism vs. Pessimism


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Are you usually optimistic, or pessimistic?

I feel like I'm right in the middle. I'm optomistic, then I become a little pessimistic just to keep myself in check, make sure I don't have my head in the clouds.


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I'm a balance really. Some days I can be a total pessimist about life but others, I'm seeing the glass half full. More often than not I'm optimistic about things, but lately it's been slightly harder.


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I prefer to call myself a realist, but really I'm a pessimist.

I have zero faith in Humanity, and very little capacity for hope. It's not really so much that I see the glass as half-empty; I see it as already have been spiked, stolen, or spat in. :dunno:


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I'm an optimist. Don't know why. It's just how I am. (I guess I just figure I can endure whatever gets tossed at me, and that lady luck's been really kind to me, all things considered.)
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I'm pretty much always optimistic when it comes to other people. With myself, then it largely depends on which of my 2 moods I'm currently in.

I guess most of the time it's a mixture of the two, like I'll think: "everything's probably going to go wrong, but it will be ok in the end."
I used to be pretty optimistic, but after the living Hell (ofc there's no pun intended *snort* ) I've had to suffer for the past year, I guess you could call me pessimistic. Some even says I have symptoms for Bipolar Disorder, so hey, go figure.


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Total pessimist. Unless I'm having my delusions of grandeur moments, where I am unnaturally optimistic. But life usually has a way of meeting my expectations.


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Used to be pessimistic all the time. Then again I used to plan everything. With a plan B, C, D, E and F. Nothing caught me by surprise. I was never really happy either.

Now my default setting is feeling great. I don't worry about the issue anymore. Eyes on the prize.