PlayStation 3 OPS Resistance Online game


True Blue Australian
OPS is the coolest thing to happen ever in the history of jurnalism.
Very soon they will make multiple online games for Resistance. To enter the games all you have to do is look for online games with the tag of OPS. (this was posted on the 17 July 2007).
P.S. i don't know if you have to register with the australian store for it to work so just bare with me here.


True Blue Australian
To enter the OPS Official Resistance Match's:D

To join on the night of July 25 2007, simply look for games being hosted by the OPS staff.Rewards for players who excel will be upcoming. See how many times you can kill the editor, for intance. Now that's fragging entertainment.
The staff names are:
Narayan Pattison - The_Duude (Editor)
Luke Reilly - Capt_Flashheart
Mark Serrels - Serrels
Phillip Jorge - PhiLLipO
Nick O'Shea - Sidochrome
Anthony O'Connor - stoxy242
Dave Kozicki - ko-zee-ii

P.S. Don't ask for my online name because I don't have a PS3 yet.:p